Extra Performance Blankets 75lbs/doz (6 Pack)

  • Extra Performance Moving Blankets for professional movers and moving labor packers
  • Heavier quality moving pad 75lbs/doz  6.25lb/each for durable protection of furniture and appliances
  • Standard Size Moving Blanket: 72 x 80 inches to cover larger sized furniture pieces
  • Color: Color may vary among furniture pads due to materials available at the time of manufacturing
  • Set of 6 quality moving blankets to pack relocation customers or for storage of furniture
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Extra Performance Blankets: Exceed All Your Expectations

Once in your lifetime, you will need to move. Studies show that many people move yearly. While moving, your most concern is to protect all your possessions, and the process is very overwhelming. This is where furniture packing blankets come to your rescue.

From packing, loading, to transporting, all these things can put the safety of your valuables at risk. Antiques, electronic items, and pieces of furniture can get scratches. Though these do not seem a huge problem, these affect the charm, appearance, and quality of your investment.

Using furniture packing blankets can make sure that your valuables are in excellent condition. Generally speaking, these are made of high-quality polyester. Unlike other materials, these provide additional weight that maximizes the security of your stuff.

With the thousands of options on the market, it is hard to think which best suits all your needs. But the good news is that there are Extra Performance Blankets 75LBS/DOZ (Six Pack of Moving Blankets). Compared to other options out there, these have a special and unique place in every consumer’s tool list of things to buy for moving.

Here are the other benefits you can experience from these furniture packing blankets:

Safe Transportation

Utilizing moving blankets can ensure a high level of security during transportation. These products will make sure that your furniture does not get damaged, scratched, or broken. Our blankets can help protect your appliances from cracks and dents. Thus, complete protection from all serious and expensive damages is preventative with the right packing blankets.

No Buildup of Dust

Not only does furniture packed blankets keep your possessions safe from any damage, but they will also prevent the buildup of dirt.

While transporting your valuables without these durable and comfy sheets, they’ll get dusty. Air contains dust that makes your furniture or appliances dirty.

Taking advantage of our moving blankets will keep the dirt and dust away with peace of mind. Besides the air, another challenge is the sun, and constant exposure can affect the aesthetic appeal of your possessions. They can go dull and unpleasant, affecting the striking appeal of your residential property. Blankets can indeed protect pieces of furniture from sun damage and can be used when closing residential vacation homes.

Additional and Protective Layer

Most factories store goods in a specific storage area. This stuff can be secured with an added layer of protection through furniture packing blankets.

More often than not, the goods stacked over each other, increasing the risk of getting damaged. The constant exposure to dust can lead to other problems. Given the durability and reliability of moving blankets, these serve as an extra protection layer. You rest assured that your items don’t get spoiled throughout the process.

Protect Items of Different Sizes

Deciding how to transport your small or large items safely? Don’t worry as moving blankets could be of great help. These can accommodate furniture or appliances of different sizes, giving you optimal convenience. The blankets are flexible to cover even the oddest shaped furniture.

Tired of searching the internet for excellent options? At Uboxes, you have come to the right place. We have Extra Performance Blankets that weigh 75 lbs. It is available in 6, 12, and 24 packs that are worth the cost. Include it into your cart today to start protecting your expensive furniture!  

More Information
UPC 810106510071
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Black
Material Cotton/Poly Blend
Features / Information Professional moving blankets, 75# per Dozen, Moving and Storage, Quilted Blanket, Poly Cotton, 6.26lbs each, Quilted Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 38.000000
Product Length 72.000000
Product Width 80.000000
Product Height 0.100000
Additional Information: Helpful at packing and moving large and delicate items around the house
Additional Information: Prevent dust and dirt from causing long term damage to your furniture
Additional Information: If storing, your furniture will stay looking as new as you stored it.
Additional Information: Avoid the damage brought on by a rough moving truck ride
Additional Information: Thick for a very good protective cushioning to withstand much use
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