TV Moving Box Up to 70" (2 Pack)

  • Flat Screen TV Box: Up to 70"
  • Heavy-duty 72"x6"x42" double wall box
  • Includes 2 Double Wall corrugated sleeves to protect your Television
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TV Moving Box Up to 70"

On a whim, you purchased your dream television…a VIZIO 70" Class 1080p 120Hz Razor LED Smart TV. Your spontaneous plan was to build a home theater for you and the family to enjoy. More than shocked when the Best Buy truck pulls into your drive, your wife suffers a small panic attack. After explaining your grand plan, her anxiety is somewhat put to ease. You can’t wait to see that baby hangin’ on the wall, so you get right to work mapping out plans. The more your wife becomes involved, the more excited she becomes – this family theater thing ain’t such a bad idea afterall! The more and more you dream, the bigger and bigger the idea becomes. The bigger and bigger the idea becomes, the smaller and smaller your space shrinks. Roadblock. You either need to add on to the room, or move into a bigger house. After weighing the pros and cons, the decision is made to go house hunting. Must-have’s…four-bedroom, three bath, triple car garage, finished basement and of course, a home theater.

     Your realtor hit the bullseye with house #1! No more looking needed, this was it! A quick closing was scheduled in 30 days, so packing and moving become your pressing focus. Buying moving boxes and moving supplies is first priority. Lucky for you, comes to the rescue with moving kits for four-bedroom homes – all the supplies you need for an easy move. But what about this mammoth TV that barely fits through the doorway? Again, no worries. You find television moving boxes that will certainly do the deed. You buy an extra large roll of bubble wrap to clothe over your beast, and the TV Moving Box for 70” flatscreens. A few days later, your flat screen TV moving boxes arrive, and you get right to work packing and loading boxes on the moving truck. The month has flown by, and soon you find yourself with the keys to your new home. Everyone gets semi-settled, then eagerly unpacks the theater room. It takes a better part of your day, but finally, the TV is wired, along with the surround sound and media hub. You all pile in for movie night in the new house…popcorn, nachos and soda as you sit Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin, Catherine O'Hara and Joe Pesci!

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UPC 741360976733
Smart buy for a consumer with two televisions in one household
Perfect for protecting your TV while in storage
Economically beneficial for movers with multiple television sets
Smooth corrugated surface allows for easy labeling
Instruction is clearly and boldly printed on the box
Package size 44 x 24.5 x 4
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