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15 Small Moving Boxes

  • Small Moving Boxes
  • Each small box measures 16 x 10 x 10 inches
  • ECT 32 Strength of each box
  • Shipped in a shrink-wrapped bundle
  • Bundle of 15 small moving boxes
After Instant Rebate Special Price $29.92 Regular Price $35.20

Small Moving Boxes

Small moving boxes are used by many manufacturers and shippers for small electronics, appliances, and parts.  The boxes can hold heavier items and easy to handle if kept within a reasonable weight for carrying. Movers like these boxes to pack weighty items for the same reason that they are easy to handle and will not break open the boxes with heavier weight such as silverware, small appliances, or books.  Taping the boxes securely and handling the small moving boxes from the bottom will ensure the packaging stays intact while carrying to the truck. Be sure to use the proper packing materials like peanuts, packing paper or foam to fill the boxes. The same size small boxes stacked on top of each other can also be transported to the truck with a hand truck.

Small Boxes For Packing The Entertainment Room

For packing the entertainment room, the small moving boxes are ideal for CDs, DVDs, computer programs or for packing library books and office supplies.  Secure each box with plenty of packing tape and make sure to write the content of each moving box on them.  This will pay off big time when it comes to unpacking many boxes in the new destination. For homeowners, the small moving boxes come very handily when packing the kitchen or the home office.  Pack all remote controls, manuals and cables for each electronics, TV or sound system in each small box for a well organizes moving and unpacking.

Small Shipping Boxes

The quality of small shipping boxes is an essential factor in the preservation of the product you want to ship.  Packing with larger than necessary moving boxes may result in the use of more packing supplies and an increase in shipping costs.  When searching for the best shipping boxes be certain to evaluate your object and calculate the weight to get the best shipping option.

Using the proper packing boxes is the main indicator of the way your cargo will arrive at its destination. Always leave a minimal void area in the moving boxes to reduce the risk of damages caused by shifting objects during the transportation.  

More Information
UPC 028672852796
Weight 12.0000
Brand uBoxes
Small Moving Boxes To Pack Heavier Items
Pack Silverware, Books, Toiletries, Tools, Appliances, Entertainment Room
Great shipping boxes bundle for online sellers
Organize office supplies in small boxes to easily unpack
Perfect bundle for downsizing to senior living centers
Color Brown
Material Corrugated Cardboard
Size Small Boxes
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 26 x 20.5 x 4.5