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Basic Moving Boxes Kit #1

  • Kit Content: 18 boxes, $32 in Supplies, and 24 cu.ft. of space
  • 9 Small Moving Boxes 16 X 10 X 10" 
  • 9 Medium Moving Boxes 18 X 14 X 12"
  • 110 yards of packing Tape
  • 1 Clamshell Tape Dispenser
  • 24' of Bubble Roll
  • 3 lbs of Wrapping Paper 1 Marker
After Instant Rebate Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $58.76

1-2 Room Standard Package - Basic Moving Kit #1

Are you moving the office? It’s the close of the business day, and you have successfully put off, yet again, a trip across town to the moving box store to buy boxes. Moving day is next Friday, and with your ever-growing list of to-do’s, when will you ever have time to buy the moving supplies? Sit back in your ergonomic swivel chair – your problem is solved in just a few clicks! When you’ve outgrown your office space, uBoxes.com is your source for everything “move”. Discover office moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more!

Where do you pack the years of knick-knacks you’ve collected and those dusty awards sitting on the shelves, or the paperwork from 1972 you just can’t let go of? The uBoxes Standard Moving Package will get you off to a great start without breaking your budget. Ten small and ten medium sturdy moving boxes will store more than 24 cubic-square feet. Pack your office supplies, paper reams, electronics, computer equipment, CD’s and DVD’s, books, magazines, paper goods, cleaning supplies, documentation, your favorite stress ball…and any other items you can’t leave behind.

With this convenient package, comes the essential packing supplies. 120 yards of heavy-duty SmartMove packing tape, with a clamshell dispenser, will secure your belongings, no matter how long you take to UN-pack. 24 feet of our small bubble wrap and three pounds of wrapping paper will protect those precious knick-knacks and awards, and any other fragile items that need to survive the move. To keep yourself organized, we always include a trusty permanent marker in our moving packages for labeling your packing boxes. Even if it’s from the 1970's, you will know exactly what went into that box! **Note: A shredder is NOT included in any of our packages, but is recommended if you are still storing items from the '70s! As an added bonus, paper shreds make great box-filler for a safe and secure transfer.

More Information
UPC 741360976184
Weight 23.0000
Brand uBoxes
Moving boxes and packing supplies all in one kit included corrugated boxes, tape, bubble roll, wrapping paper and marker
Each moving box kit comes with corrugated boxes and packing supplies to move your household goods safely
Moving kits are designed to make it easy to move or store goods.
Moving made easy with just the right amount of moving supplies
Moving boxes for condo, apartment or dorm room moving kit
Color Brown
Material Corrugated Cardboard
Size 1 Room Moving Kit
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 32 x 6 x 27