Basic Moving Boxes Kit #4

  • Kit Content: 52 Boxes and Supplies
  • Use packing supplies to protect your goods during transit so they don't get damaged
  • Our Boxes are easy to label. You can use a marker o labels to identify your goods.
  • 18 small boxes
  • 18 medium boxes
    6 large boxes
    10 X-large boxes
    3 lbs of packing paper
    2 Rolls of 12"x12' of bubble cushioning
    1 roll (55 yards) of 2" tape
    1 tape dispenser
    1 marker
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4-5 Room Basic Moving Kit #4

30 years ago you and your husband built a three-bedroom rancher that was up-to-date with all the latest home fashion. 30 years later, your home is ready for a makeover. It’s out with the 80’s and in with the 21st Century! Until the job is complete, the two of you have decided to move out to avoid the noise, the dust and the nuisance of living out of suitcases and food coolers. But before the big remodel takes place, you need to pack the entire main floor of your home and haul it all to the basement for storage until the workers are finished. Wholesale moving boxes and discount moving supplies were just a click away at In a matter of days, your moving kit was shipped to your front door, and you were ready to pack! The Basic Moving Kit gave you 18 small, 18 medium, 9 large and 10 extra-large boxes for moving your entire upstairs, down. Two bathrooms, three bedrooms, four closets, your living room, laundry room, dining area, and kitchen were all packed neatly into more than 128 cubic-square feet of hefty moving boxes.

The moving supplies that were included assured a safe transfer down the flight of stairs to your basement storage…48 feet of thick bubble cushion wrap and six pounds of packing paper protected all your fragile belongings from chipping, cracking and breaking. Plus, 220 yards of packing tape with two clamshell dispensers sealed each box tight, just in case one inadvertently tumbled down the steps! Plus, when you finally got settled back in after the remodel, the handy permanent markers you used for labeling kept you neat and organized for unpacking – you knew exactly where each box went. No more linoleum, mauve or baby blue…no more wallpaper or cottage-cheese ceilings – you have moved into the third millennium and Uboxes was glad to help take you there!

More Information
UPC 810106510316
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Rectangle
Product Type Moving Box
Features / Highlights Includes The Basics To Move, Kit Contains Combo Size Boxes, 32ECT Lightweight Boxes, 65lbs Weight Limit, Shipped Flat Easy To Assemble RSC Style Boxes
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 85.000000
Product Length 27.000000
Product Width 18.000000
Product Height 35.750000
Additional Information: Moving box kit delivery at no additional cost is fantastic if you live in a large city such as New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles and don't own vehicle
Additional Information: Find expert packing tips on YouTube videos and online moving tips. Moving boxes may all look the same but the design and construction is taken into consideration for the purpose of each moving box
Additional Information: There are substantial engineering differences among corrugated moving boxes that establish the moving boxes ability to abstain from crushing while stacking the moving boxes on top of each other during transporting the goods to your new home
Additional Information: Bubble cushion may be used to store delicate items in your china cabinet. Remember to tape the ends to secure your fragile items
Additional Information: Placing your items securely into the correct sized moving boxes with the right packing supplies will ensure your items arrive safely in your new home
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