Full Mattress Cover - 1 Pk

  • Full Mattress/Box Spring Cover Pack of 1 
  • Full mattress cover measures 54" x 12" x 90"
  • Plastic vented mattress bag to prevent moisture buildup in humid regions
  • Easily prepare your mattresses for moving with easy packing bags
  • Keeps mattresses clean and free from perspiration, dust, and dirt while moving
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Full Mattress Cover

A mattress is an investment that the average person will spend 1/3 of life on. Most people will generally hang onto their mattress for at least ten or more years. It is important to keep the mattress in its best condition so that the mattress does not become ridden with bacteria, thus, affecting your health.

Mattress covers come in many sizes and styles. There are memory foam mattress covers, down filled mattress covers, simple quilted mattress covers, and many more types. It is important to buy several bed covers so that laundry day is simplified. Choosing the bed covers that fit your personal comfort needs is also essential. If you like to feel as though you are floating on clouds, plush or down filled bed covers would be the way to go. If you prefer a firm support, then memory foam bed covers would be ideal. Maybe you have terrible allergies? That’s OK; there are even bed covers out there made to block allergens. The biggest importance is that you are picking the perfect mattress cover for the best comfort, quality, and health possible. If you have a family don’t forget to get all of your household’s members a set of mattress covers also, they will thank you!

It is extremely necessary to measure your bed to make sure that you are buying the right sized mattress cover. Nobody likes struggling to put on the cover, or to have it pop off in the middle of the night. An ill-fitting mattress cover is a nightmare. Check out the dimensions of the bed cover you want and make sure it matches your bed’s dimensions. There is room for it to be a little larger, but never smaller.

If you are a renter or planning to move soon, it is a good idea to be sure that you have the proper moving supplies to protect your bed. Packing supplies will ensure that nothing gets snagged and ripped, dirty, stained or just plain ruined. It is always a good idea to have moving supplies for the bed regardless of whether a move is coming up. You never know when you might get a new bed but want to store the old one. Packing supplies for a bed also come in handy for protecting a guest bedroom mattress; keeping it fresh and tidy for your visitors.

All in all, there are many ways to protect your mattress while keeping yourself and others healthy. All methods are easy and not very time-consuming. A plastic mattress cover should be an investment with priority!

More Information
UPC 810042153349
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Clear
Material polyethylene
Features / Information Furniture protector, Polyethylene material, 2 Mil thickness
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 0.810000
Product Length 90.000000
Product Width 54.000000
Product Height 12.000000
Additional Information: Great for storing your mattress for later use
Additional Information: Allows mattress to fit in to smaller more compact places
Additional Information: Is a quicker and cheaper alternative to a mattress box for local moves
Additional Information: Pair the UBMOVE mattress bag with the container moving kit
Additional Information: Prepares you for a simple and easy move
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