Affordable Mattress Covers For Moving

Affordable Mattress Covers For Moving
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Affordable Mattress Covers For Moving

Regardless of memory foam or innerspring, the mattresses are some of the costlier furniture items in a household and are prone to damages during the move. The cost of the plastic mattress covers is cheap when compared to the cost of expensive mattresses. Mattress Covers are sturdy plastic bags specifically designed to fit twin, full, queen, and king-size mattresses. The following indicates the use of the Mattress Covers is a must when moving and storing them:

  • Cost-Effective – Protecting your valuable mattress against damages with Cheap Platic Mattress Covers is a great investment and the most cost-efficient method

  • Bed Bugs – Mattress Covers are a great deterrent of bed-bugs and mice, especially when they’re stored for a longer period of time

  • Water Damage – The Mattress Covers are made of 2mil plastic shielding the content from water damages

  • Dirt and Soil – Mattress Covers are sufficient in protecting the mattresses against sweat, soil, and dirt

Packing with Mattresses Covers

Mattresses are bulky and difficult to handle. Follow these steps for a hassle-free and safe packing of your mattresses:

  • Order Mattress Covers – Make an inventory of your mattresses and measure their sizes first. When ordering the mattress covers please remember you need to order one cover separately for each mattress and box spring. King mattresses sometimes have two twins for the base. Movers and moving labor companies may order mattress covers in wholesale quantities.

  • Extra Help – Having a family member or a friend to help you is the best way to pack your mattresses

  • Correct Mattress Covers – Before lifting the heavy mattress and box spring make sure you have the right size mattress covers laid out for packing your mattress

  • Prepare to Pack the Mattress – After removing all the bedsheets and blankets clear a large area in the bedroom. Try not to drag the mattress to other areas of the home for packing. Mattresses are heavy and could hurt your back or get damaged. Perhaps purchase moving straps to save a trip to the chiropractor

  • Packing the Mattresses – Make sure the mattress is dry and free of soil and dirt, which may cause mold while sealed in the plastic bag. Insert the mattress carefully in the mattress bag and tape the opening securely. You can run the packing tape or a rope around the mattress bag to ensure the mattress bag will stay in place

  • Moving the Mattress – Although the Mattress Covers are made of high-grade Polyethylene they are still vulnerable against sharp objects and could tear or burst open if not careful

  • Secure in the Moving Truck - Try to load the mattresses first in the truck and secure them with rope or tie-down straps. Mattresses and box springs should be placed upright in the truck to reduce the risk of damages and save space in the truck

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