Color-Coded Carton Sealing Tape To Organize Moving

Color-Coded Carton Sealing Tape To Organize Moving
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Color-Coded Carton Sealing Tape To Organize Moving
uBoxes has several color-coded carton sealing tape packages to choose from. The color-coded tape comes in 1-4 bedroom room tapes. Once you have selected the right number of bedroom tape package make a chart of your new home and cut a small piece of tape for each room's color of tape and append to your room chart. Next, designate an organized packing room with boxes, packing materials, colored room tape, scissors, black marker, and tape cutter. The packing room will make it easier to assemble and pack boxes with all moving supplies located in one room. This prevents losing your moving tools and getting disorganized in your packing process of grouping similar items from each room when packing your boxes.

Inventory color-coded boxes

Use a black permanent marker to write the contents of the box on the sides of the corrugated boxes. For example, for bedroom 1 color-coded tape you may have boxes identified with clothes, books, decorative accessories, linens, bedding, and pillows. Whether moving to your new home, office, or storage locating your items will be easier with coordinated colors and the contents written on the boxes.

Color Room Labeling Tape Is Strong And Efficient

While the adhesive is strong and efficient in sealing boxes the room labeling tape serves to identify rooms. If you have many boxes to seal you may consider using a strip of the SmartMove room label tape and clear packing tape on each side. Upon moving day provide each Mover a copy of the room chart in your new home to stack the boxes in the designated room. This makes unpacking much easier when you can unpack the most used rooms first. The other boxes are neat and out of the way in the other areas of your home. Another good moving tip is to add fragile stickers or tape to boxes that need special handling. Moving is much quicker with a well thought out plan that everyone can follow to unload the truck and special care instructions can easily be identified with the proper labels.

Moving Boxes Master Inventory List

Once your boxes are packed and color-coded it is time to write a master list of the boxes content. It will be easier if you group each room together to write the inventory on the list. You may even decide to number the boxes to keep count when unpacking. Once the box has been unpacked you may cross it off your inventory list. According to your moving plan, it may be best to unpack fragile items or store in a safe place. You may also have "open first" boxes and pet supplies. Whatever is important for the first night in your new home should be marked appropriately to locate those items first.
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