Are Moving Blankets Washable?

Some moving blankets are washable when cared for properly. They should not be washed often and best to line-dry.
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Are Moving Blankets Washable?
Once you have invested in an item like a moving blanket, it is in your best interest to take care of it. Now, if you are planning to clean and wash your moving blankets, what are the things you must know? As a premier moving supply company, allow uBoxes to guide you. But, are moving blankets washable? The answer to this question is some moving blankets are washable. You see, a moving blanket is made from different materials, and it comes in various thickness. It is essential that you keep the cleanliness of your moving blanket to lengthen its life. Below we listed the types of moving blankets we sell and present information on things you need to expect once you wash-machine and dryer or hang dry it. Single Use Moving Blankets This category of moving blankets is cheap pads that are ideal for one-time use to safeguard your items from dents and scratches.
  • Textile
The textile moving blanket is one of the lightest felt moving pads we sell. It’s made from recycled fiber. When you run it in a washing machine, it turns out to be both dryer fuzzy and washing machine-friendly at the same time. Multi-Move Moving Blankets This category belongs to the middle-class moving blankets that can be used in more than one moving uses.
  • Economy
These are blankets which are sturdier and offers more protection for two or more uses. This came out of our dryer soft.
  • Performance
This is considered the pad which is in the middle of the pack when we talk about protection level and weight. When we washed it, it’s a surprise that its dryer fuzzy and wash-machine too. You may want to hang dry.
  • Deluxe
These are near twice the weight of the Textile Moving Blankets. We suggest that you don’t put it in the washing machine or dryer. But, when we tried, what we got is a soft one but still offering a strong shape. Perhaps you should use a commercial washer and dryer. Professional Movers Moving Blankets Best to use commercial washers and dryers due to the weight of the blankets This category belongs to the premium moving pads. Take note, that these pads are good to wash in a washing machine. However, you must avoid the dryer. Make sure to opt for line-dry.
  • Extra Performance
This type of blanket seemed ok after running it into a washing machine and dryer.
  • Supreme
These are widely sought by professional movers and perfect for numerous use. This can be washed-dry too as it didn’t present any indications of fraying.
  • Pro-Movers
These are heavyweight pads made from polyester binding. Pro-movers can be washed and dry as well. But expect it will be frayed a bit on the binding when you run on the dryer.
  • Super Supreme
Ideal for heavy-duty moving, super supreme should be for washing and drying as well.
  • Camouflage Moving Blankets
These are bulkier compared to our economy pad. If you plan to wash this, you don’t need to worry anything. Camouflage moving blankets will still be in good condition after you wash and dry it. Just take note that home washing machines are frequently small. Thus, it is always the best option to employ a commercial-sized machine at your local laundromat if you want to wash your moving blanket. If possible line-dry the moving blankets.
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