New Dorm Room Boxes At uBoxes!

Dorm Room Moving Boxes
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New Dorm Room Boxes At uBoxes!
Every year thousands of students are either heading off to campus or going home on spring break. uBoxes just released new dorm room boxes for move in and move out of Universities. The question has always been how to organize your campus move along with cramming for exams and thinking about your Spring Break Vacation. With uBoxes dorm room boxes, you will be packed in no time. You have the choice of storing your possessions in local storage or shipping your college boxes back and forth to college. Uboxes offers several different packages for the college student to find one that fits their lifestyle. Ship College Boxes To My Dorm Room If you are in college and live on or off campus you can have the college boxes shipped to your dorm room or student housing. Choose a package from uBoxes college box kits and specialty moving products and have delivered in less than a week. Consider with upsizing your package and sharing with a roommate or sorority house. The bigger the package the more you save. Always check out our moving coupons and school discounts. By the way did your College signup for our exclusive offerings to Universities? If not, speak to your college student office to signup and list on your University website. Check out our current list of Universities who have listed our offerings. How To Pack A Dorm The easy way to pack a dorm room is first by sorting all your items. Make four piles
  1. Keep
  2. Give To Friends
  3. Charity
  4. Toss
Once you have your sorted goods for packing start by grouping similar items together. For example, clothes, shoes, school supplies, electronics, and bathroom supplies. Tape your boxes securely on the bottoms with several strips of tape. Be sure to fold clothes neatly and store shoes in plastic bags so they will not get your clothes dirty. Try to use up your bathroom items like shampoo, soap and hair conditioner. Make sure anything that is left over is stored upright. You may use ziplock bags to keep liquid items secure. All appliances should be cleaned and packed properly using bubble rolls when appropriate like the TV or Microwave. If this is your first time packing watch uBoxes packing videos to be sure you pack correctly. You certainly would not want to ruin your flat screen TV or microwave due to improper packing. Book Spring Break Storage Early When you are in the middle of final exams and cramming for last-minute tests the last thing you want to do is think about moving out of the dorm. You can purchase dorm room boxes ahead of time and store under your bed. Remember the college box kits and TV Boxes arrive packed flat and easy to store. College Storage can also be booked ahead of time. There is no need to wait for the last minute and stressed out trying to get boxes and finding a storage facility that will hold your things until you come back from Summer Break. When exams are over you will be ready to pack and on your way to Spring Break Vacation.
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