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Pack Smart, Move Smarter

Keep Calm And Think About Moving boxes

"If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet" -Rachel Wolchin

We all come to a point in life where we have to pack our memories and move on to the next journey in our lives. Whether that voyage means leaving the nest and obtaining your first apartment or starting your first business venture. Here at uBoxes, we've got you covered with the right boxes, supplies, and moving kits for the current passage you've set sail on. Like our motto, we know moving can be stressful... but packing doesn't have to be. We strive to help all our consumers have the easiest and safest move possible, starting with box kits that will accommodate all momentous times in life.


As students are applying for the college of their dreams and acceptance letters are being sent out left and right, it's time to start thinking about moving away from home and into your dorm room or even student apartment for the next upcoming years. With our college dorm kits, we make loading and unloading equipment a breeze! This kit alone comes with 8 boxes in total; 4 large and 4 medium, 1 roll of hot melt tape with a clamshell dispenser, 3-pound packing paper, a marker, and a label sheet. Our boxes surpassed a 200-pound edge crush test, ensuring consumers that none of your possessions will be damaged during transit, just as long as it is packed properly. This kit will even go great for people converting into the military. Pack everything from clothing, bedding, toiletries, decor, laundry supplies, school supplies, electronics, lamps, and even documents. Pack taller items like lamps, vases, telescopes, or golf clubs in our sturdy lamp boxes for the perfect protection.


Our box kits are exceptional for any relocation, even moving into your new two-story, 3-bed room forever home. With our basic moving kit that is ideal for 4-5 rooms in total, we ensure you'll have everything you'll need plus more! This kit is accompanied by a total of 55 boxes; 18 small, 18 medium, 9 large, and 10 extra-large. You also get two markers, 6 pounds of packing paper, 12-inch bubble roll, and of course packing tape with a clamshell. Maybe this isn't your first home and you have items that you plan on taking with you to your new humble abode, such as cold food and condiments that you don't want to go to waste. No worries, we got your back with that too. We offer a refrigerator kit that comes with five small boxes, five insulated totes, and 10 nordic ice freezer gel packs that keeps your cold food fresh after being in transit. If that's still not enough, build your own kit and go as far as adding more supplies that'll aid you in your transpose such as rope, a utility knife, picture/mirror boxes, moving blankets, mattress boxes/ covers, ratchet straps, padlocks, glass cell dividers, TV boxes and much more.


Leave it to us to help you pack up or move into your office space or your new profound business.  Stay on top of important paperwork, labels, employee information, and assignments with our stackable file boxes and moving box kits made for one small room. For my online boutique owners that are animate about their inventory not being wrinkled, scuffed, creased, and remain dirt-free try our wardrobe moving kits. This box set comes with 18 total boxes; 10 medium, 4 small, 4 large, 2 wardrobe boxes, tape, 2 rolls of bubble cushion, 3-pound wrapping paper, and 2 markers. It's not only effective for apparel businesses but for individuals with a large clothing collection. Protect shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, suits, ties, and hats. Separate towels from bed sheets and pack jewelry, perfume bottles, and other valuables with the confidence of knowing no damage will be done.


Let's just say you're moving out of state or back home and may possibly be flying or traveling by train and you can only pack a certain amount to avoid having to pay an extra fee for an overweight bag... No sweat we have a kit for that too. Our all in ship kit helps you easily ship all your important items to your desired location without the hassle of taking them with you while you're traveling there; these valuables can beat you home! This kit comes with a total of 6 sturdy 20" x 20" x 15" boxes, packing tape, and free FedEx labels after filling our shipping information form. This is efficient for just about anybody, just feel free to purchase extra protection and always remember to never overpack. Just as Rachel said it best, we are supposed to frequently move, everyone does it at some point in their lives, just make it easier with the help of uBoxes and our moving kits, boxes, and supplies.

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