Moving Supplies: A True Checklist

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Moving Supplies: A True Checklist

Moving? ✔

Boxes? ✔

Boxes, bubble roll, tape, stretch wrap, packing peanuts, and other equipment?

I bet you didn't know how much of a necessity some of these supplies really are. You may think you have it all together but don't take the easy way out and half-pack your items, you're only hurting yourself in the long run. After checking off this list I assure you'll be ready for your move with the confidence knowing that your packed items are safe and secured during the haul. No more broken or out of place surprises when opening your moving boxes, I pinky promise!


Whether you're a good old fashion bubble roll lover, or you just like the crunchy sounds of packing peanuts or packing paper these essential supplies will help prevent the items that you spent hard-earned money on from breaking, shifting, or hitting other things in your moving boxes. Check this off your list if you're set and ready to go, if not stop what you're doing and find the packing material that better fits your moving situation. An even cheaper but less effective alternative is wrapping said items in blankets or clothing. Whichever alternative works for you, let this be your first step after acquiring your boxes. Wrap your belongings and stuff your boxes with these and get the best overall defense, saving your precious items from being damaged. Hey! Be sure to thank me later.


We've already discussed the packing materials that are best to wrap fragile items in, but wait... there's more. We all have known or had an individual in our families who cares a boatload for their fancy fine china sets, peculiar figurines, or even oddly shaped wine glasses and champagne flutes. You might even be the nervous Nellie I'm talking about, but feel uneasy, no more. Before packing your glass crockery in your moving box be sure to wrap it in packing paper, bubble roll, or even packing foam wrap. Next, grab one of our dish and glass partition dividers and place it in an appropriate size box. Fill with protected desired glassware and feel complete reliance that your tableware looks just as new as when you first bought it. Not a single scuff or scratch in sight!


Often time, movers forget that their couches, chairs, bed frames, and other sizeable furniture pieces need protection too especially from being grazed or scraped by other pieces. This is where quilted moving blankets come in and save the day. The professional-grade A economy blankets simply prevent damage against not only rasps but dirt, debris, bugs, and moisture. This is a must when packing furniture but again... there's more.  Aren't we just full of surprises? This is where life gets even easier during your move. Don't throw out you back or put pressure on your knees lifting these pieces or overweight boxes ever again. Why? Because we have something just for that. From our 4-wheel moving dolly's, 2-wheel semi-pneumatic wheels, to even our heavy-duty moving straps it takes moving these items and makes it a breeze! These types of equipment are made to handle the heaviest of items and provide the easiest transportation to and from your desired place of move without the worry of impacting your possessions.


Not literally but figuratively... However, packing tape definitely will hold everything together if you ask me. It's like the finishing touches that will make this move successful and worth every dollar spent. After packing everything neatly and securely inside of your boxes or covering your furniture pieces with a moving blanket, use heavy-duty packing tape to guarantee the utmost protection. You don't want to do all that hard work packing and wrapping your expensive pieces but not sealing it off. What's the point in that? Make this move even more worth your while by aiding yourself, moving companies, or your friends that are helping, know what room to set these boxes in with the help of moving labels. No more shifting and looking through misplaced boxes and no more unorganized messes. After sealing it with tape, take the extra mile and label each box by room; The master bedroom, the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and kids room all will be neatly in order and easily identifiable when unpacking. Take the initiative to tell the people who are helping you during your move by also labeling boxes with fragile labels or storage labels too. Once the hard part is over, take this optional step and wrap your boxes and furniture or any other loose objects with stretch wrap. Again, this procedure is optional but worth the hassle to protect your goods during your move. Stretch wraps ultimate purpose is to keep items such as electronics, artwork, huge ornaments, and multiple boxes together tight, snug, not bouncing around, and of course free from stains and being abraded. Make your move easier on yourself and less stressful for all parties involved.

Now that you know everything that is required to have a prosperous move... do you have everything you need?

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