Incredible Moving Blankets for Multi Movers

Incredible Moving Blankets for Multi Movers
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Incredible Moving Blankets for Multi Movers
Moving blankets are definitely essential tools for people who will like an extra layer of protection for their items. So which should you get? Perhaps the following can be of help to you:

Pro Blankets 35lbs/doz:

With this moving blanket, you get a set of 2 blankets in a pack. With a 72” x 80” size and a weight of 2.92 LBS you can rest assured that this moving blanket will be able to keep your items protected from both collision damage and contact with dust and other damages. It is blue in color, and has other uses such as the garage, trunk of the car, or a day at the beach.

Textile Moving Blankets:

These moving blankets were actually made in North America. They are of the highest quality, and they give off no odor (so you don’t have to worry about them transmitting certain odors to the surface and body of your items). These blankets weigh 1.6 LBS, provide a tensile strength of 60 LBS, and they are 60 mm thick. All of this will serve to put your mind at ease and have you rest assured that they will be able to provide the right amount of protection for your items.

Economy Blankets:

Economy blankets are actually the most preferred form of moving blankets for people who are moving and will like to adhere to a strict budget. They are cheaper than the regular moving blankets, but that shouldn’t deter you from making a purchase as these tools are still as effective. Their attributes (such as weight, tensile strength, thickness, etc.) might vary, but they will get the job done for DIY movers who are not looking for professional movers blankets to be used for many moves.

Deluxe Blankets:

The deluxe blankets are perfect for movers and those who will like to use blankets for multiple means. They are very strong, and this means a higher durability (definitely perfect for people who will like to use them for multiple purposes).

Performance Blankets:

Performance blankets are for people who will like the premium packing blankets blanket experience. These are affordable, and you can rest assured of the highest levels of blanket service with these ones.
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