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Moving Boxes come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of items in a household which also vary in sizes. Finding the right box for the right job is the most crucial step in packing and moving. For Example, the Ex-Large and Large Boxes are ideal for large but lightweight items and overloading these boxes will either make it difficult to move or result in bursting of the boxes and damaged contents. See our article on Moving Box Strengths.

Other examples of moving boxes include Wardrobe Boxes, Mirrors and Picture Frame Boxes, Kitchen Boxes, TV Boxes, and Mattress and Lamp Boxes. Choosing the correct boxes will pay for the cost of the boxes by simply reducing the risk of breakage and damages to your valuable belongings. If the flat screen TV arrives undamaged the cost of the TV Box and protective Large Bubble Roll will be well justified when compared to how much a new TV will cost.

How to Correctly Pack Wardrobe Boxes

Packing the Wardrobe Boxes correctly will result in a seamless transfer of clothes from one closet to another without having to take them off their hangers. There is a metal hanging bar included in all Wardrobe Boxes designed to keep the clothes in the hanging position inside the box as they were in the closet. The void area in the bottom of the Wardrobe Boxes is an ideal place to put some shoes in bags with lightweight bulky items such as pillows on top. Just be mindful of the final weight of the Wardrobe Boxes and think of the people who have to carry the boxes to the truck and from truck to the new destination. There are handles on the sides of the boxes for easy lifting onto a hand truck or dolly.

The wardrobe boxes are a bit costlier than other boxes due to their size and sturdy cardboard but will save you the money and time by avoiding to spend money on dry cleaners. If packed correctly the Wardrobe Moving Boxes are greatly protective against wrinkles, dust, and dirt during the transit. Like any other moving boxes, the securing of the Wardrobe Boxes with an ample amount of the Packing Tape is as important as packing them.

Assembly of Wardrobe Boxes

As previously mentioned, the Wardrobe Boxes are some of the largest and tallest boxes you will use in any move and this along with the use of the metal hanging bar make the assembly of these boxes very different than any other typical boxes.

The first step to putting together a Wardrobe Box is to secure the bottom with packing tapes. First, bring the two flaps of the box together and secure them by packing tape from one end to other and after that run two more tapes overlapping each side of the first tape and the cardboard. Run your hand over the tapes to make sure all edges are perfectly attached to the box.

After securing the bottom of your Wardrobe Box, put the box upright, insert the metal hanging bar on the two groves attached to the interior of the box. On the front of the box, there is a flap for easy loading of the clothes into the box. Pull the flap down and the box is ready for your clothes. There is no need for any fillers like bubble rolls or packing papers and after hanging the clothes you can simply close the top side and secure it with 3 layers of tape as you did for the bottom.

How to Correctly Pack Medium Moving Boxes

The Medium Moving Boxes are the most versatile boxes which no one can have enough of them when packing the contents of a house or office. These boxes are the perfect size for somewhat heavier items not suitable to pack inside the EX-Large or Large Moving Boxes due to their weight. Uboxes offers 2 different sizes, 18” X 18” X 16: Premium Medium Moving Boxes as well as a bit smaller version of 18” X 14” X 12” medium box.

Assembly of Medium Moving Boxes

Using the same technique as the Wardrobe Boxes, secure the top and bottom with 3 strips of the Packing Tapes. Once boxes are assembled the rest is easy as long as the protective aids like packing papers, and packing peanuts are used to fill the void area and reduce the risk of any shift by the content during the move. For fragile items, make sure to tear a piece of the perforated bubble roll to cover the bottom of the Medium Boxes. When the box is full put another layer of the bubble roll on top and then close the top flaps. You can also use crumbled packing papers instead of the bubble roll to create a cushion on the top and bottom of each box offering more protection to the contents.