Take Your Online Business To The GREEN Level

Take Your Business To The Green Level
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Take Your Online Business To The GREEN Level

In 2019 uBoxes LLC, was recognized for purchasing corrugated products made from 100% recycled paper and saved approximately:

8,449 trees

3,479,000 gallons of freshwater

1,988,000 kWh of electricity

and 1,640 cubic yards of landfill space

This is a huge accomplishment for StarBoxes being that we thrive to cater and provide the best quality products for all our business consumers. Whether you're vegan-based or just want to be environmentally cautious, shopping our recyclable and biodegradable products is the best choice for you and your buyers. Worry no more about how your purchasers discard of their packaging, our products are either biodegradable, made from recycled material, or can be taken to recycling centers.


Here at StarBoxes, we believe the best way to purchase the right boxes for the right price is to purchase with us in bulk orders. We are stocked with tons of different sized shipping boxes that are perfect for storing and shipping your products. These boxes are completely sustainable and made from a renewable resource known as corrugated cardboard. These boxes have multiple layers that are ultimately pressed together with thin cardboard in between to make air chambers that act as a form of cushioning. This layering alone makes corrugated boxes durable and protective all while remaining light in weight. Corrugated boxes are often made from materials such as other recycled boxes, making them an overall environmentally friendly packaging material. Once you're done; save it for later, take it to your local recycling center, or place them in your recycling bins.


Everyone is familiar with bubble roll but it's more of a strenuous mission when it comes to recycling; it's not as simple as placing it in your recycling bins. However, we have multiple alternatives that can make the process of staying green easy and possible. Packing peanuts are a great plastic substitute, but not just any... our bio-degradable peanuts are what you're looking for. These fillers are typically made out of wheat or corn starch, they're non-toxic and dissolve once placed in water. These peanuts won't stick to clothing like the styrofoam nuts and are exceptional when packing electronics due to its non-electrostatic charge. Get even more creative and distinguish your brand by shopping our fun-shaped biodegradable fillers. Easily make your brand identifiable by using heart and patriotic star-shaped peanuts for the holidays or take your CBD company to the next level with our uniquely leaf-shaped loose-fill.

Packing paper is another popular void-fill that most businesses use when shipping products to prevent merchandise from shifting and being damaged while in transit. This durable paper can help make or break your products and is one of the first physical impressions your consumers have of your brand. They're also typically made from other recycled materials and is more than perfect for protecting fragile items, storing, recycling, and arts and crafts purposes. Pick and choose from our common newsprint, corrugated, and kraft paper packaging. When you're done simply place them in your recycling cans or reuse them when packaging new items.

If you insist on keeping the traditional bubble roll, check out our kraft-back bubble roll substitute and avoid having to purchase both packing paper or peanuts. This particular bubble cushioning keeps your packages safe from moisture, it has a smooth surface which makes labeling extremely convenient and keeps your items secured and private. Although bubble roll can be recycled it is a must that you first separate the paper portion from the polyethylene film and then taken to a recycling center. As previously stated it should not go in your recycling container due to the plastic film rarely being accepted for curbside pickup; they tangle with other recyclables, ultimately causing damage to recycling machinery.


It's nearly impossible to ship out packages to your buyers without ensuring that it's sealed properly. Although the common packing tape is not recyclable, we've found ways around that. Hold your packages together by purchasing our water-activated tape or also known as paper tape, to ensure you have the most eco-friendly products and shipping supplies combined.  This tape is made from a starch-based adhesive, colored paper, and layers of polyethylene strings that have optimal stretch. Just like our hot melt tape this tape makes certain that your boxes are completely sealed due to its robust and reliable adhesive.

You may have crates of boxes, frames, appliances, glass pieces, and even furniture that might need a little extra TLC. Our paper pad blankets are perfect for adding that extra cushion to your larger inventory. Made with a 3 inner layer of tissue, toweling bogus, and lightweight kraft paper these moving pads are durable and overall protect your items from moisture, dirt, dust, dents, and scratches. Paper blankets are a much better and more green option compared to our quilted pads, particularly if you're using them to put inventory in storage. They're ultimately light in weight, breathable, and take up little to no space. Recycle or even reuse these blankets for multiple different uses when you're done.

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