Grow Your E-Commerce Business With StarBoxes

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Grow Your E-Commerce Business With StarBoxes

StarBoxes isn't just your ordinary online packing and shipping supply company but one of the major benefits that will help your business flourish. We are a nationwide distributor and importer that offers top of the line wholesale packing and shipping products to our moving consumers and business-to-business affiliates. StarBoxes has overall evolved into a winning direct to consumer and business company with over 10,000 industry and custom products. Our overall mission is to provide not only quality supplies but issue our customers with the most competitive prices, exceptional customer service, and beneficial advice and tips there is to market your brand. Whatever your packing needs consist of StarBoxes aims to provide the help we believe will allow your company to ultimately prosper.

Google Ads Has Unlimited Potential

Google ads are a phenomenal start to market and brand your thriving business. What makes this tool even more useful is that you get results in a matter of minutes.  Enter the appropriate keywords you want to target, enter a maximum bid, and watch the traffic flow to your online site. Unlike SEO you reap the benefits almost immediately, you won't have to commit to any contracts and it overall helps with outdoing your competitors. Once you possess a profitable campaign, you can easily increase your daily spend to receive more clicks, and being that keywords are important and ranked using a bidding system, you can pay more per click to increase your ranking position. The higher you are on the ranking scale ultimately results in the more clicks and traffic you'll get to your business. After doing so be sure to check out the array of analytics and charts that Google Ads has to offer. These statistics show you how well your campaigns are performing and aid you in making the appropriate decision on where you should spend your hard-earned money. The last benefit Google AdWords and PPC offers its users is the easy process of stopping your campaign at any given time if you aren't pleased.

Use Social Media To Market Your Business

Most businesses struggle to gain traction on their social media pages often resulting in them giving up, not having the energy, or time to put in the effort to grow their following. Only 53% of small businesses actively use social media but StarBoxes has a few steps you should follow to bring brand awareness on these social platforms.

1. Know what platform your target audience is on

From Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest the options are limitless but first, it's best to do some research to see what social platform best fits you, your company, and the audience you're targeting. Don't make assumptions about what social site your patrons spend the most time on, but recognize the products you're selling and which generation is more active. If you have a lot of millennials purchasing your items, stick with Twitter and Instagram, if your spectators are mainly Gen X Facebook is a better suggestion.

2. Create compelling visuals

Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, and Instagram are considered to be visual-first platforms and are great for promoting the content that you're selling through visuals. Some individuals even express that most of their recent purchases were based on images they saw on social media, so be sure to make your photos or GIFs look appealing to your consumer's eye. Use pictures of your products, customers using your service, or free and high-quality pictures from stock photo sites. However, you do it, get creative and inspirational.

3. Create Ad's and promotions

Just like Google Ads, social sites typically allow you to run promotions, campaigns or allow you to boost certain posts to reach a higher audience for a small fee. Most sites will even go as far as giving you recommendations on achieving your particular goal.  This is perfect for sales and launches of new and old products. It's also ultimately good for exposure and gaining new clientele.

Purchase Our Corrugated Boxes and Mailers

Once you've marketed your brand well enough, understand that it takes time to reach a particular following, and that's okay. With a little persistence,  you'll eventually be driving in the traffic you desire. However, it doesn't stop there... be sure to shop StarBoxes' complete line of boxes to ship your big and small products out to your customers. We offer everything from heavy-duty, flat, corrugated, multi-depth, long, and tall boxes alike along with supplies that will ensure your products arrive at its destination intact. This is perfect for companies that require purchasing a multitude of different size shipping boxes and the best way to get the right price is purchasing these boxes in bulk with us. Maybe you're a beauty company and cater to smaller bottled items, here at StarBoxes, we have a wide range of mailers. Everything from bubble, poly, kraft, and even a flashy metallic color that will guarantee to distinguish your brand's identity. With so many new businesses in the market, your shipments must stand out from the crowd of kraft boxes and mailer envelopes, overall leaving an everlasting impression on your consumers and potential buyers. Go as far as customizing these mailers with colored shipping labels, stickers, logos, stamps, and markers.

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