The Most Common Questions About Moving Blankets

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The Most Common Questions About Moving Blankets


" Why should I purchase moving blankets? Can you help me decipher the difference between the economy, textile, and deluxe furniture pads?  What do I do with these blankets after my move?"  Here at StarBoxes, we offer the best supplies to aid in any move, especially items that will protect your furniture, antiques, desks, and pianos from shifting, or being damaged while in transit. We offer all sorts of blankets from textiles, economy, and deluxe. We have even more options from our performance, supreme, paper pads, camouflage colored, and even blankets in bulk on our B2B company, uBoxes. Depending on the particular item you're moving depends on which blanket better fits your needs. So to answer your first question, moving blankets have plenty of perks and are exemplary to just about any type of move. Now let's get into which one is ideal for you...


At Starboxes, we offer our consumers non woven deluxe moving blankets. These blankets, in particular, are quilted, sturdy, long-lasting, reusable, and weigh almost double of our lightest blankets. They're made from a polyester material with zig-zag stitching that allows items to be held in place and weighs approximately 5.42lbs. There is like this unspoken rule that the heavier the weight, the better the blankets so, depending on the level of protection you're interested in determines the blanket that you'll need. These mover blankets prevent scratches to your hardwood or marble floorings because it also acts as a flooring pad. The blankets can get wet but never fully washed and MUST be hung dried.


Now, economy moving blankets are a much cheaper and thinner alternative compared to the deluxe padding. These coverings are made with a nonwoven polyester-cotton batting blend, have zig-zag seams along with double stitching, and weighs about 3.58lbs per blanket. They're also an exceptional solution for one-time movers, as it protects your possessions from bumping denting, dust, and dirt. However, you can use these blankets again if needed being that the stitching alone does not split or fray but do not wash them. Protect large framed artwork, mirrors, vases, fragile home decor, and delicate heirlooms with these overlays.


Cheap Textile moving blankets are recycled cotton and PET fiber coverings that are perfect for the DIYers and economically savvy consumers. These blankets weigh about 1.66lbs and are extremely thinner than both the deluxe and economy blankets, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't withstand abrasions. The lightness of these blankets is great for being draped over large pieces of furniture like tables, chairs, ottomans, and couches ultimately making them less of a burden than the traditional blankets. After you're done feel free to fold these moving skins up in a dry space and use them again for your next move. If we still haven't sold you on these blankets yet... sit tight because there's more. Moving blankets are not just for protecting furniture. After moving all of your items to its destination, recycle these blankets and use them for outdoor seating for beach days, camping, and outdoor concerts or sporting events. Transition these cushiony moving blankets into pet bedding for your furry friend to create a soft and warm separation from the floor. These blankets ultimately reduce the level of noise traveling through walls, making them exceptional for soundproofing your studio room, game room, or parties being held in apartments. Take it a step further and use the durable blankets to protect the outside and inside of your car. Cover the seats, trunk, and body of the car to prevents cuts, scrapes, spills, and debris to the fabric and exterior.     For more customer inquires reach us at: StarBoxes live chat

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