Tips For Moving Out Of A Rental!

Apartment Moving Tips
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Tips For Moving Out Of A Rental!

So you're starting fresh and moving out of your apartment within the next couple of months. Now is the perfect time to get organized, sell unwanted items, and of course... purchase the right moving supplies to pack all of it up. Here at uBoxes, we strive to give our consumers not only quality moving supplies but the best moving tips to aid in making your move-in date a successful one. Now before you're elbow-deep in packing peanuts, we've created a comprehensive list that you can mentally check off before, during, and after your move out. Remember... when moving out of a rental property, there are a few aspects that you should take into consideration, the process is different compared to moving out of a home.

Give Your Landlord a Proper Notice

When you're in the process of selling a home, you're in charge of its sale along with a realtor. Whereas landlords, they prefer to not have any vacant apartments on their property. As a tenant, it is your sole responsibility to abide by your leasing contract and notify your landlord of your departure or termination. Some communities require a notice of 30-90 days in advance so be sure to give proper notice before starting your moving process. Most landlords need this 'notice to vacate' letter months in advance that way they can clean, repair damages, and find a new tenant by the time you leave. If you fail to notify your landlord of your move you're putting yourself at risk of extra charges or losing your security deposit.

Purchase Much Needed Moving Supplies

After notifying your landlord of your move-out date, now is the time to start purchasing all your moving supplies and packing the things you're keeping, and selling or storing the stuff you're not. Give yourself at least a month in advance to prepare. Moving, let alone a DIY move has never been easy but we are here to make it as less stressful and cost-efficient as possible.

Let's talk durable corrugated moving boxes and why you need them for your move. Regardless if you're selling, storing, or taking your things with you, it's appropriate to have the right size and amount of moving boxes. Depending on how much square footage you have depends on how many boxes you'll need. Pack TVs, Mattresses, and Painting/Mirrors in our specialty boxes as well.

Be extra precautions and void fill your boxes with our packing peanuts or bubble cushioning. These foam-like and polyethylene fillers aid in protecting the items inside your moving boxes by filling in the space that will ultimately prevent shifting and damage. They're exceptional when packing home decor and glassware. Moving furniture? Protect your vulnerable pieces with our plastic covers and moving blankets. Wrap or cover fixtures and protect them from dirt, dust, and weather elements while in storage or during your move.

Once everything is packed, be sure to secure your box with the right packing and labeling tape. Stay organize and make moving easy with these color-coded moving labels. Place specified boxes in the kitchen and other areas around the new place without having to open it and look at the contents inside.

Make this move, even more, simpler by purchasing uBoxes' moving kits. These kits are ultimately designed to give you just about everything you'll need for your move. Although every kit is slightly different and contains contrasting products, we offer kits for up to 10 rooms. If you're not feeling our kits or feel like you could use more supplies, go as far as building your own moving kit online or contact our customer service chat.

Hire a Moving Service

Maybe a DIY move isn't your thing, maybe you just don't have the time or don't want to take the time to and that's perfectly understandable. Hiring a moving company to help pack and load your boxes and furniture safely to its new location is the next best step. Although hiring a moving company can be a little pricy you can be sure that all your pieces and decor will arrive intact and be packed well. However, to make the best decision for your moving needs, you must know the different kinds of moving services that are in this market. Examine your moving budget before solidifying a deal with a company and understand starting prices can differ after the move is complete.

Why is a Move-Out Inspection Important?

Whether you're living in an apartment or not it's best to do your own or schedule a date for your move-out inspection. A move-out inspection is when a property manager or landlord takes on the role of an inspector and checks off the cosmetic conditions of the rental property. Be sure to clean and get the apartment as close to how it looked in its original move-in condition before the inspection. Feel free to take pictures just in case you need evidence of the apartment's condition since your inspector will be looking for abnormal wear and tear. Things like a loose doorknob, slight discoloration on floors, peeling paint, grouting on tiles, and clogged sinks are to be expected and are considered normal deterioration. If an inspection is not required still prepare an itemized statement or a personal inspection form with a list of the damaged property.

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