Top Tips for a Low-Budget but Efficient Move

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Top Tips for a Low-Budget but Efficient Move
When you need to move, it is essential that you do your best to save as much money as you can. Well, if you follow the tips below, you just might be able to achieve that goal:

Do you really need to buy boxes?

Without a doubt, boxes form the cradle on which the whole moving act is built. This is exactly why any moving companies tend to charge a whole lot for them. To wit, you don’t necessarily have to buy moving boxes from moving companies especially as there are many ways through which you can get them, free.
  • You can bring any empty boxes from your place of work; printer boxes are very strong and they should be large enough to accommodate a lot of your stuff.
  • You can ask your friends who have recently moved with their boxes, or you can also post a request on any social media platform.
  • You can also go to a local liquor store. Boxes that are strong enough to hold about half a dozen bottle of vodka without a hitch should have no issues with handling your stuff.
  • Check behind and outside mid-sized stores. You might be able to find boxes with perfect sizes.
  • Check out how to get free moving boxes at Uboxes

Make good use of your utility shut-down dates:

Some utility companies make it a habit not to prorate your bill as of the date of your departure. To wit, if your billing cycle doesn’t line up with the date you’ll be moving, you can just consider cutting the service off early so that you don’t get to pay for extra time. Also, if you’ll be moving to an entirely new city, make sure to do your research on whether the city offers a free service that has a cordial relationship with the local utility companies and is able to provide you with the best deals for new utilities.

Let go of some (or maybe even all) of your stuff:

If you sell or donate some of the stuff you can do without to charity, it is actually a way for you to reduce your load (and also earn some cash in the process for your troubles). Its weight-reduction ability is especially desired, due to the fact that weight is one of the major metrics that moving companies take into consideration when they estimate their cost and give you a price quote. Many people have actually discovered the fact that while unpacking at their destinations, they actually don’t need as much as they think they do. However, if you need to save money at all costs, then a drastic measure that you need to consider is just outrightly selling everything you own. It is especially advisable if you’re worried about all the risks associated with moving. When you get to your new place, you can get new stuff with the money you make.
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