Container Kit 12'

42 Boxes Kit Ratchet Straps, Rope, and Lock
18 Small Moving Boxes
18 Medium Moving Boxes
6 Large Moving Boxes
60 Moving Labels
1 Roll of Packing Tape
1 ClamShell Dispenser
1 Roll of Bubble Cushioning
6 lbs of Wrapping paper
2 Markers
50' of Rope
1 Disc Lock


These 3 Simple MOVING CONTAINER Tricks Will Get You Moved Safely

Preparing properly for a move will help get your household goods moved safely to your new home. Start by ordering the right moving boxes and packing materials used by the packing pros. First, find a packing area to assemble the boxes with tape on the bottom of the box using the H-style method. Second, start gathering and wrapping fragile items to place in the boxes. Be sure not to leave any void areas for the objects to bounce and break during transit. Third, tape the top of the box, inventory, and label the room destination in your new home. Lastly, organizing ahead of your move will save time and space packing and unpacking your container.

More Information
UPC 810042153356
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Corrugated Cardboard
Style Container Moving
Product Type Moving Kit
Features / Highlights container moving kit, single wall moving boxes, disk lock, rope, and packing supplies
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 96.000000
Additional Information: 32 ETC Small and Medium Boxes are stackable to help organize and save space in a portable container
Additional Information: Use rope to secure heavy objects to the rails to prevent damages during transit
Additional Information: Use the proper packing materials to wrap household items and fill voids in boxes to prevent breakage
Additional Information: Plan the loading of boxes in your container to configure the best usable space to pack your household
Additional Information: A disc lock will secure the trailer and prevent unwanted intrusion while you are packing and moving
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