Padlock 1-1/2" Short Shank

  • Moving 1-1/2" Heavy laminated chrome plates
  • Hardened chromed-steel shackle
  • 5-pin solid brass cylinder
  • 40 MM width of padlock
  • Use for storage lockers, moving containers and rental trucks
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Moving Supplies: Pad Lock 40MM

Your house was only on the market for two days before your Realtor proudly displayed his “SOLD” sign in your yard. The buyers are anxious to move in, so you schedule the closing for 30 days. You have a lot of work to do to be ready to move. Besides the obvious packing that needs to take place, your biggest problem is you’re downsizing - moving into a smaller home than what you currently own, and simply can’t fit all your belongings. Next problem? No time for the normal organized packing you would do, which means no yard sale till later. Next, the best solution is renting out a storage space to hold anything non-essential for the immediate. You scurry to fill moving boxes – packing kitchen supplies, bathroom basics, living and dining essentials and bedroom rudiments. Everything else goes in the garage to move to storage. As you research facilities near your new home, you find that the cheapest location has an available storage unit, but when you call, the owner informs you they don’t provide padlocks. You remember when ordering moving boxes and moving supplies from seeing a disc padlock on the website. A couple quick clicks later and you have two padlocks on route to your mailbox! When moving day arrives, your family and friends gather to help while you are still packing in a hurry to vacate by eight a.m. the next morning. Mission accomplished…barely! At midnight you are loading the last few items to take to the storage unit, then lock up the house one last time. You still have some faithful helpers to follow you to storage to unload. With padlocks in tow, you cautiously drive down the road, watching for any falling objects! By two a.m. you are finally finished. Items stacked from floor to ceiling and front to back – somehow it all fit, but it took some strategic packing! You roll down the door and padlock each side, giving them a final tug to ensure they lock, slide the keys onto your keyring, and exhaustedly steer back to the new place. Collapsing onto your unmade bed, you find the nearest cover, a bathrobe, and a stack of jeans for your pillow. You drift off into a deep slumber dreaming of boxes and padlocks!

More Information
UPC 810150480610
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Silver
Material Chromed Steel
Features / Information none
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 0.420000
Product Length 4.000000
Product Width 2.000000
Product Height 1.000000
Additional Information: Adds premium security to your storage pod
Additional Information: Very simple to use for people of all ages
Additional Information: Heady duty lock will keep all of your valuable items safe
Additional Information: The chrome outer layer makes it easy to spot on your pod
Additional Information: Will stayed locked until the key is inserted
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