Full Mattress Cover - 18 Pk

  • Protective Wholesale Full Mattress Covers FOR MOVING
  • Each mattress bag measures 54 x 12 x 90 inch
  • Bulk purchase case of 18 plastic mattress covers that are 2 Mil Thick 
  • Covers are vented to prevent moisture when stored in humid areas
  • Made of Polyethylene material for weather protection and puncture resistant

The Benefits of Using Full Mattress Covers

For many homeowners, buying a mattress is a significant investment. To protect the investment, it makes sense to include a high-quality mattress bag during the time of purchase. A mattress bag will prolong the life of your new mattress, increase the level of your sleeping comfort and preserves the mattress’ quality while moving.

As one of the leading suppliers of full mattress covers, uBoxes carries 2mil plastic mattress cover bag for moving in all sort of sizes. Purchasing this item from uBoxes.com provides you with benefits that include:

  • Avoiding allergic reactions to allergens and dust mites
  • Extending the life of your mattress
  • Keeping your mattresses sanitary and clean
  • Protecting the mattresses through preventing stains
  • Provides a physical barrier against all moisture from entering the mattress

Protect your Health with uBoxes’ Mattress Bag

Full mattress bags offered by uBoxes.com can bring relief to asthma and allergy sufferers whose respiratory system are disturbed by allergens and dust mites while in transit. Dust mites thrive in warm settings, including inside your protected pillows and mattresses. The mattress bag by uBoxes helps prevent bugs and other agents that cause allergic reactions while in transport.

Full Mattress Cover – 18 PK is proven to provide ultimate mattress protection and promotes sleeping comfort. This mattress bag protects all types of mattress including memory foam, gel, and latex. Adding this valuable item to your mattress prevents bugs, bacteria, dust mites, mildew, and other molds from entering your mattress due to exposure to the elements left unprotected.

Waterproof Full Mattress Cover

The Full Mattress Cover by uBoxes is ideal for mattress protection during transport, storage, and handling. Although most of the mattress bags can be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner, removing stains can be a difficult task. Mattress cover stains result from accidental beverage and food spills and even perspiration. When looking for a reliable mattress cover, opt for a mattress bag that prevents moisture from entering the mattress like a full mattress cover with polyurethane or rubberized coatings.

Mattress Bag for Moving

The Mattress bags offered by uBoxes.com will keep your mattresses protected against soil, dust and other elements during your move or the time of storage. uBoxes’ mattress bag covers are made from heavy duty 2.0 mil polyurethane.

Mattresses are quite costly and if you have a designer mattress it is well worth to protect it while moving. After a long day at work, proper sleep is essential and keeping it clean should be a top priority. Therefore; don't forget to order mattress covers for your beds!

To take care of your sheet, consider buying a mattress cover before your move. While professional movers do not require this item, they are of great help against any risk of damages to your mattress. The full mattress covers don’t just prevent insects from entering your beddings, they also help prevent the dirt and dust from getting into your mattress during your move. If you are moving into a populated city, make sure to get yourself a mattress cover from uBoxes prior to your move.  

More Information
UPC 810042159938
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Clear
Material polyethylene
Features / Information Furniture protector, Polyethylene material, 2 Mil thickness
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 30.000000
Product Length 90.000000
Product Width 54.000000
Product Height 12.000000
Additional Information: Mover's pack of 18 full mattress covers for transporting mattresses safely
Additional Information: Keep mattresses protected while shipping mattresses from one location to the another
Additional Information: Mattresses will stay dry while keeping the mattresses clean from dust and dirt
Additional Information: Mattress cover bags are made from strong 2mil thick polyethylene
Additional Information: Save money on multi pack full plastic covers while keeping mattresses protected
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