Ratchet Strap (2 Pack)

  • Ratchet Strap (2 Pack) for moving containers, rental trucks or cars
  • 1" x 12-feet each 650LB working load
  • 12' overall including a 6” handhold 18" fixed length 3:1 safety ratio
  • 650LB working load limit
  • All black, including webbing and ratchet
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Ratchet Straps for Moving, RATCHETBLK02, (2 PACK)

uBoxes ratchet straps for moving are highly durable and designed to withstand damages caused by heavy loads and wear and tear. It can be used to keep your equipment from moving when being transported at the back of the pickup truck, moving container, or trailer.

Ratchet Strap Explained

A ratchet strap can provide industrial grade cargo securement using tie down webbing. With this, you can be at ease that the cargo at the back of the truck will not shift or move during the transport. Regardless of how far or near the distance is, a ratchet strap is definitely the best solution to keep items from moving, especially heavy equipment.

Uses and Benefits of Ratchet Straps for Moving

  • Cargo Securement

The most common usage of ratchet straps is to secure cargo. Regardless of the load at the back of a trailer or a pickup truck, there’s a need for uBoxes ratchet straps. Cargo securement has gone a long way for decades, and the Department of Transportation is not stopping in doing research on how cargo can remain safe and secured. These guidelines are based on many research and testing for the best methods to transport cargo safely. Ratchet straps are deemed to be one of the best means to keep cargo secured and prevent them from moving while in transit preventing accidents from happening.

  • Moving Containers

Moving Containers holds the cargo in place while using ratchet straps making the cargo secured and tightened. When secured in place, it keeps your household items secure from moving around in the moving container. 

  • Professional Trucking

The next time you hit the road, observe the many pickup trucks, flatbeds, trailers, and other cargo trucks using ratchet straps. Professional truckers and the shipping industry consider ratchet straps as the number one cargo securing tool.

  • ATV’s

ATV’s are considered as the perfect warrior getaway you may need. Regardless if you plan on riding on an off-road muddy trail, or a campground, or intent to race with your friends, you will need ratchet strap to secure your ATV’s at the back of your pickup truck. uBoxes also offers you a myriad of ratchet straps for carrying items on ATVs that can help to make a perfect journey while your ATV is tied at the back of your truck.

  • Securing Trailers

Trying to get your trailer out of the mud can be a nuisance. Regardless if you’re planning to go for an off-road mud drive during the weekend, or your trailer is stuck in the driveway in snow or mud, uBoxes ratchet straps are the perfect tools to getting your small trailer, or equipment out of mud safely. These ratchet straps are made from high-quality materials that can prevent damages from occurring to secured items and vehicle.

Regardless of what your purpose is for using ratchet straps, you can always find uBoxes ratchet straps for moving a great use for making your life easier. 

More Information
UPC 810042151505
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Black
Material Steel
Features / Information none
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 3.000000
Product Length 12.000000
Product Width 1.000000
Product Height 0.200000
Additional Information: Ratchet straps should be a part of any home or office tool kit
Additional Information: Secure larger objects and prevent slips or falls while transporting
Additional Information: Use for preventative measures when carrying bulkier items on a Car, Truck, or Trailer
Additional Information: Be sure to check the specs for Ratchet Straps and the load you plan to move
Additional Information: Wrap more delicate items with moving blankets before applying ratchet straps
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