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Dual Bulletin Dry Erase Board 23.6" X 35.4" Dark Blue

  • 1 half bulleting board with ecological textile PET fiber that is a lightweight and durable material
  • 1 half dry erase board that is magnetic and cleans easily with little to no ghosting
  • Dark blue dual bulletin dry erase board with a dimension of 23.6" x 35.4"
  • Perfect for school projects, tutoring, assignments, reminders, and schedules
  • Includes 1 dry eraser, 1marker, 3 magnetic pins, a note pad, and 10 push pins

Use these bulletin boards for learning purposes

Whether you're teaching a student 1 on 1 or tutoring at home, these combination boards are perfect for just that. Have your student learning, writing, and interacting with these boards. Draw out math equations that need to be solved, place colored cutouts to learn the basic color spectrum, discuss science topics, pin particular English words for comprehension purposes, tack a picture of the world map and discuss state, continents, and countries. What's best about this, is everything can be cleaned off or removed and reused over and over.

More Information
UPC 852908006178
Weight 4.850000
Brand uOffice
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Dark Blue
Size 23.6" x 35.4" x 1"
Material Eco-friendly recycled textile fibers
Features / Extra Information Dry Erase Board, Bulletin Board, Recycled textile PET fibers, Many colors to choose from, Easy installation, Lightweight, Many colors to choose from, Supplies included
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Product Length 35.400000
Product Width 1.000000
Product Height 23.600000
Teach dual languages to students, kids, and individuals who are just interested using these durable and portable bulletin boards
An effective combination board that comes in 13 bright and neutral colors great for being displayed in all kinds of environments
These message boards come with 10 push pins, 3 magnetic pins, a note pad, eraser, and marker to easily hang and pin important and memorable things
Place these notice boards in your dorm room to keep track of assignments, sporting events on campus, and class schedules
Kids will enjoy drawing, completing projects, and learning on these personal memo boards that are colorful and easily accessible
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