4 Wheel Dolly "Chicago Style" with 3.5" Deluxe Non-Marring Casters

  • 4 Wheel Dolly "Chicago Style" with 3.5" deluxe non-marring casters - Dual ball bearings
  • Up to 900lbs to carry most household items with ease to aide in preventing back injuries
  • The rubber sides are slip-proof to keep furniture and appliances in place during transit
  • Place bigger items on the dolly with 18" by 30" surface for ease of moving
  • Move with ease with professional moving tools for movers or DIY

Moving Dollies to Make Your Move a Breeze

It might be a moving day or just time to move heavy objects like desks, cabinets, boxes, beds, and furniture around your home. If you have your dolly, you’re always ready for the job. Luckily, here at uBoxes, we carry dollies that can make your move with ease.

What is a Dolly?

A moving dolly is a well-designed platform along with four independent caster wheels installed under its frame. It moves in any direction, usually backward or forwards. With uBoxes, our dollies have a Chicago Style with 3.5 inches deluxe non-marring casters. It can hold 900 lbs.

You must not be confused about a dolly with a “child’s dolly,” “Hello Dolly,” or “Dolly Parton.” It’s also not the same thing as skateboards, though its physical nature is similar. 4-wheels on a platform to carry something. A moving dolly is a tool made to carry big objects.

Various Types of Dollies

In today’s market, there are different kinds of dollies accessible. Dollys to move furniture are typically made of wood. This type of dolly is most common. Other types of dollies include:

  • REGULAR. A regular dolly provides reliability and strength at a very affordable price. It has rails of 4 inches wide.

  • SOLID. A solid dolly has a flawless treated deck along with countersunk bolts. The deck boards of this dolly run lengthwise.

  • FLUSH. A flush dolly has a 4-inch wide by one ¾-inch thick double length rails. Plus, it also has a smooth open deck.

  • CARPET END. A carpet end dolly features padded carpeting to safeguard appliances and furniture.

  • RUBBER CAP. 3-inch rubber caps on the end of the wooden dolly keep furniture and appliances from sliding and causing damages.

  • ALL CARPET SOLID. Finally, there are similar to carpet end dollies. It provides reliability and strength at a very reasonable price. Similar to carpet end dollies, these are entirely carpeted deck that avoids damage to cargo. A dolly made of metal or plastic is also accessible.

Soft Tread Swivel Casters Boosts Maneuverability and Won’t Leave Marks

One common criticism about some moving dollies today are the scuff marks which the casters are more likely to leave behind. That is an indication of an inferior quality caster wheel. Along with our non-marring casters, this should not be a concern. These type of casters easily slide over wood or tile flooring without leaving marks.

Our H Frame Dolly with swivel casters easily turns in a small radius making even the heaviest load easy to maneuver in small loading and unloading areas. That makes it simple to maneuver the weight easily down into an elevator or tight hallway. Our H-frame dollies are the perfect piece of moving equipment.

uBoxes offers Chicago Style dollies and other specialty dollies and movers dollies. Do you want to know more about our products? Feel free to give us a call today at 877.826.9371 or contact us through our live chat.

So, if you are only searching for top-notch dollies for your moving needs, uBoxes has all the moving products you'll need.

More Information
UPC 810106516653
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Multicolor
Material Wood
Product Type Moving Equipment
Features / Highlights none
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 21.500000
Product Length 24.000000
Product Width 20.000000
Product Height 6.000000
Additional Information: UBMOVE Chicago dollies are a standard dolly professional movers use in the Midwest
Additional Information: The frame is made out of hardwood while the ends have non-slip rubber caps
Additional Information: Each dolly weights 21.5 lbs with non marring casters that will not leave marks on floors
Additional Information: Easy to maneuvering around corners and tight areas in the home or office
Additional Information: Professional dolly makes moving easy while moving furniture and appliances
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