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Foam wrap roll 150' x 12" Wide 1/16" Thick

  • Foam Wrap Roll 150' x 12"
  • Lightweight and highly flexible to secure fragile items 
  • 1/16" Thickness
  • Non-abrasive and provides protection for dishware, glasses, and other fragile objects
  • 12x12" squares of wrap peel off as you need them

Rolls of Foam Wrap

Negotiations are settled and the contracts are signed. Closing scheduled in 60 days, and you simply can't wait to hold the keys to your new home! The best feature, by far, is the office, lined with floor-to-ceiling shelving... perfect to display hundreds of bowling trophies and souvenir bowling balls you have been awarded in your 40 years of playing the game. Since the age of 13, and in every home you have lived in since your keepsakes have followed. Hopefully, this new abode will be their final resting place. As always, you must handle these treasures with the utmost of care, which is why you never skimp on packing materials. Along with heavy-duty boxes, packing peanuts and wrapping paper, you are sure to stock up on foam wrap rolls that will ensure a break-free move. Once your moving supplies are lined up, you begin the painstaking process of rolling, wrapping, stuffing and securing each memento. Your wall of cardboard boxes is reinforced with shrink wrap to better carry the heavy loads. When moving day arrives, you are anxious to unpack your new haven while the rest of the family stakes claims to their own sanctuaries. The movers are attentive to the properly labeled “Fragile” tape, and slow but steady, move your boxes in, one by one. When the day is done, you know you scored the perfect game when all is unpacked with no broken pieces and plenty of empty shelf space for the next 4 decades of bowling bliss!

More Information
UPC 741360977358
Weight 0.7500
Brand uBoxes
Scissors are not needed when tearing the perforated sheets
Thickness of the foam adds volume to the boxes you are packing
Can act as packing peanuts or packing paper when packaging breakable items in a large container
Capable of wrapping around certain larger objects without the perforations tearing
Extremely versatile and can be used to pack multiple different items in different boxes
Color White
Material Foam
Size Large Foam Roll
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 10 x 10 x 8