Kitchen Moving Supplies Kit #2

Kitchen Moving Kit #2

2 Kitchen Boxes 18 x 18 x 28"
2 Dish & Glass Partitions
3 lbs of Packing Paper
55 yards of Packing Tape
1 ClamShell Dispenser
1 Marker

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Kitchen Moving Supplies Kit #2

You and the wife are moving from apartment to home.  Lots of reasons to be excited…especially with the little bundle of joy you are expecting in seven months!  One-bedroom is already a tight squeeze with your wife’s aspiring chef career.  Every nook and cranny has become “cabinets” for packing kitchen goods…many still in the box from the wedding day!  Your task is to find durable kitchen moving boxes with partitions to pack the many delicate ramekins, bouillon bowls and stemware that must be protected in the move. was an easy online find and provided all the moving supplies you needed.  From kitchen boxes to packing paper to packing tape to tape dispensers and even labeling markers… they had it all – even categorized and organized into kitchen kits for moving and bedroom kits to make your choice a no-think decision!  While your wife is sweating over the steamy stovetop, experimenting with her latest recipe, your click-happy finger orders everything you need for an easy move.  You schedule the closing date with your realtor, you have the finances in order with the mortgage company, you’ve called the utility providers for transfer of service, your friends are lined up to help on moving day, the moving supplies are on their way…you are one prepared daddy!  Now, if there were only a kit for expectant parents!

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UPC 741360976665
Kitchen moving boxes with glass and dish partitions in one moving kit
Wrap all your dishes with packing paper before placing the china or crystal in the box partition
Tape the ends of the packing paper for each items so that the newsprint stays in place
The china boxes should be put in a special area for fragile so that they are handled with care
Boxes that have "FRAGILE" written on them should be placed in a safe area in the moving van
Package size 38 x 18.5 x 4.5
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