12 - Premium Medium Boxes

Bundle of 12: 18 x 18 x 16" Medium Moving Boxes

This box is great for most of the belongings you’ll be moving such as Kitchen items, linens, toys, clothes, appliances, and much more.

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Premium Medium Boxes for Moving

You have always said when you retire you would move to Florida. Now the time has come, but you find yourself reluctant to start the process of packing up 50 years worth of stuff. As an avid reader, you know you cannot leave any of your beloved books behind, but you can already hear the tearing of cardboard boxes as you try to move all of your heavy books into your new home. You know that you will not be able to get by using just any flimsy box, so you begin searching the internet for a solution... one that will not cut into your "new swimwear" fund. You are elated to find UBoxes' Premium Boxes. These 18x18x16 moving boxes are the ideal size for most of the items you will be moving: books, kitchen appliances, dishware, clothes, etc. Because they are premium boxes, you can be sure that they are built thicker and sturdier than most average moving boxes, so you can trust them with even your heaviest items. Ordinary boxes will often rip under too much weight, but pair our premium boxes with our packing tape, and you will have a packing job secure enough to take on any move. Enjoy reading and relaxing in The Sunshine State!

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