Bigger Boxes Smart Moving Kit #6

  • Kit Content: 64 Boxes and Supplies
  • 33 Medium Moving Boxes
  • 21 Large Moving Boxes
  • 10 X-Large Moving Boxes
  • 120 Moving Labels
  • 110 yards of Clear Tape
  • 2 Clamshell Dispensers
  • 48' roll of Bubble Roll
  • 6 lbs of Wrapping Paper
  • 2 Markers
After Instant Rebate Special Price $253.30 Regular Price $298.25

6-7 Room Bigger Boxes Kit #6

You are a military family and have mastered the skill of moving. But this move will be different – your husband is retiring and you finally get to settle into a permanent home. Your Midwestern family is excited to have you closer as you found a house in close proximity. Your youngest child, now 16, is excited to be closer to her grandma and grandpa, and for once in her life, feel settled. In the past, you’ve gathered used moving boxes from neighbors on base, but the supply seems to be short this time around, and after 34 years of marriage and three kids, you have a lot of stuff to move! You, being the master organizer, got right on top of buying moving boxes and moving supplies online so you could get home faster! Before the retirement party was even held, you had most of the house packed up, labeled and ready to load! 90 heavy-duty packing boxes and essential moving supplies from the Bigger Boxes Moving Kit at, helped you securely pack each room with ease and peace-of-mind. 72 feet of thick bubble roll and nine pounds of quality packing paper assured your fragile items would travel safely cross-country with no breakage.

Your teen daughter (and master complainer) even found a little joy in using the included tape guns and box knives…the closest thing to a gun and knife her sergeant army dad would ever let her near! Speaking of guns, the extra-large boxes for moving dad’s rifles and shooting gear were a perfect size. From the kitchen, dining room, living room, office, and screened-in porch, to the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms, these quality moving boxes stuffed more than 189 cubic square feet of your belongings. When moving day arrived – it was your turn to be in charge. Your hubby and daughter followed command efficiently and respectfully, and you were on the road in no time!

More Information
UPC 810106510392
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Rectangle
Type Moving Box
Features / Information Bigger size box combination, Lightweight single wall boxes, 32ECT with 65lbs weight limits, Same size boxes stack in organized moving, Shipped flat RSC type boxes assemble quickly
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 120.000000
Product Length 27.000000
Product Width 18.000000
Product Height 35.750000
Additional Information: Moving box kits make great bridal shower gifts or for the student heading off to college. Kits contain all the boxes and packing supplies to get them on their journey
Additional Information: When using room labels place a piece of clear tape over the label to ensure it stays in place
Additional Information: Using proper cardboard boxes, bubble cushioning and room tape, your belongings are more inclined to make it through the move without damages
Additional Information: Use the proper packing supplies to protect your items while moving
Additional Information: Once you wrap your item use carton sealing tape to secure newsprint together so the item stays wrapped
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