Full Trailer shipment starter kit

  • Quantity of 24 Textile Moving Blankets for larger container style moves providing cushioning for larger objects
  • 1 Lock to close the moving container entry door whether overnight or transporting to another location
  • 2 Container Straps to wrap around loads and secure to rails in the container, moving truck, or van
  • Container space is at a premium and organizing your load with stacked same size boxes can increase loads
  • Consider buying a container moving kit with muti size boxes and packing materials to optimize loads and prevent breakage

Full Trailer shipment starter kit Textile Moving Blankets - Qty: 24
- 150’ of nylon rope
- 1 sofa bag

More Information
UPC 810042150614
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Multicolor
Material Textile
Style Container Moving
Features / Information none
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Weight 12.000000
Additional Information: UBMOVE kit for your move focused on the safety of transporting your packed items ready to be moved to their new home or destination.
Additional Information: This UBMOVE kit includes a padlock so you can ensure that the doors of your truck or transporter car do not open and your items do not get damaged.
Additional Information: Furniture protection kit, includes moving blankets to protect large items such as furniture, pianos, sofas from stains or damage.
Additional Information: Full Trailer shipment starter kit suitable for your beginnings in moving companies or to protect your furniture during your move.
Additional Information: Includes moving blankets to protect furniture, 2 container straps and a padlock to close doors or plastic storage boxes.
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