Performance Blankets 55lbs/doz (4 Pack)

  • UBMOVE 72" x 80" Moving Blanket Professional Quality
  • The quilted moving pad protects sharp corners and edges
  • Polyester non-woven material filled with fiber batting
  • All edges are double stiched and zigzag stitching on the blanket
  • Color may vary upon availability at the time of manufacture

Performance Moving Blanket Set of 4 72x80" Heavy Duty Professional Quality Quilted Fabric Moving Blankets

Moving day is here and you need something to wrap around your glass bookcase, TV, computer and other breakables. Furniture can be loaded into a moving van, but any shift in the cargo can give them permanent damage. Moving blankets, also known as furniture pads or moving pads is the answer.

Different sizes are available to wrap anything you want to protect. A moving blanket is generally large enough to wrap around items such as your washer, refrigerator or dryer. These are quilted and thicker than a sleeping blanket.

For lightweight items, include moving skins as part of your moving supplies list. Textile blankets for moving are made from felt. They can be used to wrap around sofas, mattresses and other types of furniture. Of course, moving boxes of various sizes are needed to pack your items in. Carrying small items two or three at a time will take forever. A box takes a few minutes.

If money is an issue, buy a good moving blanket for your most precious breakable appliance. You can purchase cheap moving blankets for other furniture. If you pack the moving van carefully, nothing should move around in the back.

If you help friends and relatives move or have a moving business, purchasing wholesale moving blankets is a good idea. They take a lot of abuse and wear like iron. If they wear out, replacing them is easy.

One unusual use for these wonderful items is to stock them as part of a camping or disaster kit. Wash them in a commercial washing machine on the permanent press cycle and then dry completely. This will remove the chemical sizing and waterproofing. It will also remove any chemical smell that may be present. Use them as padding for sleeping bags on a camping trip. Keep them for a wintertime power outage and use them as warm quilts. Keep a stock for relatives who drop in unannounced. The possibilities are virtually endless.

More Information
UPC 810042159495
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Black
Material Non-woven fabric
Features / Information Non-woven polyester with batting filler, Zig zag quilted, Double stitch binding, Size 72" x 80", Lightweight, Economical moving blanket, Wrap furniture or larger items, Secure with bands, rope, or tape
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 19.000000
Product Length 72.000000
Product Width 80.000000
Product Height 0.100000
Additional Information: UBMOVE has a large variety of moving blankets for furniture protection
Additional Information: Moving pads protect furniture with a soft cushion from bumping into other object while traveling in the truck
Additional Information: Moving blankets have a variety of weights, fabrics, and cushioning depending on your needs
Additional Information: Performance blankets are mid grade quality for moving furniture and large household items
Additional Information: Check our UBMOVE blog for more information on types of moving blankets
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