Kraft-Backed Bubble

  1. 12" Wide, 125 Feet long,
    3/16" Small Bubble,
    Backed with 40# Kraft paper

  2. 24" Wide, 125 Feet long,
    3/16" Small Bubble,
    Backed with 40# Kraft paper

  3. 48" Wide, 125 Feet long,
    3/16" Small Bubble,
    Backed with 40# Kraft paper

Kraft Backed Bubble Furniture Protection

Uboxes 3/16” bubble cushioning wrap backed with a layer of 40# kraft paper adhered to the back of the bubble is durable and helps protect items from damages. Wrap kraft bubble backed paper when packing furniture or other larger objects requiring protection from shock damages during transit along with absorbing moisture away from the furniture. Kraft paper is moisture resistant and the bubbles provide protection from bumping against other objects.

Use Kraft Backed Bubble for Shipping

Kraft Backed Bubble is lightweight and cost-effective as a shipping material. Wrap the delicate items in the packing material and fill the voids in the shipping box. The kraft paper provides a little extra protection for heavier items with added bubble for protection. You can write on the paper to give clients directions or any other type of message that you want to convey on the goods you are shipping. If sending a gift the paper is opaque disguising the contents.

Wood Crafters Selling Gift Items Kraft Bubble Packaging

If you are a crafter selling wood items such as jewelry boxes, salad bowls, or toys this is the perfect packing material for your items. Whether you go to craft shows or sell on Etsy you will save money and protect your work with wrapping goods in the kraft backed bubble. The packaging supply is flexible so you can tie a nice ribbon around the package at shows or when shipping for your online business. You can even rubber stamp your brand for an inexpensive packaging solution.

Antique Shops Must Have Bubble Kraft Paper

Most antique stores carry wood frames, furniture, mirrors, and other wood items. Customers pay dearly for their antiques due to their history and heritage. Packing items properly for transporting or shipping is important for the extreme care of the old items. Customers will appreciate the proper packing of the item they will cherish for years to come. And who knows it may become a family heirloom. Don't forget to brand your items with a rubber stamp or sticker on the kraft paper!