Extra Performance Blankets 75lbs/doz (4 Pack)

  • Extra Performance Blankets 75lbs/doz Pack of 4 Moving Pads
  • Measures 72" x 80" to cover and protect large objects from dirt, dust, scratches, scuffs, and cracks
  • Black/Gray woven Color may vary due to THE color available at the time of manufacture
  • Each moving pad weighs 6.25lbs and can be used to protect furniture, boxes, floors, walls, and more
  • Popular movers and packers use moving blankets for that extra cushioning protection
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Selecting the Ultimate Moving Blankets for your Next Move

So now you’re searching at the selection of quality moving blankets and wondering what you need for your next move and what’s overkill. All of our uBoxes’ blankets for moving are made with a pre-consumer recycled and virgin materials. But why do we prefer to use such kind of material?


Using this kind of material, we employ fibers in the chemical stage. Often, the chemicals are known as having a smell. You see, the chemical state is safeHowever, doing this can still damage your belongings. So make sure you don’t leave your pads in contact for too long.

You can rest assured that our pre-consumer recycled materials are free of chemicals. It means, if you have pets within your home, you can be confident that he won’t feeling anything if he prefers to chew it up. Our post-consumer recycled materials are deemed to have shorter fibers too. Further, those natural and longer fibers denote it has more cushioning and offers strong attributes.

Other known names for moving blankets are Sound Blankets, Furniture Pads, Furniture Blankets, Moving Pads, and Textile Skins.

Other Considerations You Need to Know about Quality Moving Blanket

The weight of our blankets for moving is defined by how much a dozen blankets weigh. For instance, a one dozen blanket weighs 45 pounds. The zigzag stitching offers a better thread count of the moving blanket. It also provides more cushioning. uBoxes’ zigzags are ¾ inches apart where the majority of blankets are 1 inch. That means ours last longer and much stronger.

All of our zigzag stitching is made with a cotton thread. What does it mean to you? Ours aren’t synthetic. If your dog typically likes to chew up your blanket due to stress, there are worse things that could happen.


Our 75-lb blankets for moving are our best-selling option. Compared to economy blankets available in the market today, these offer more protection. You can feel at ease knowing that the micro-fiber area features a tighter woven fabric. That makes it more break-resistance from any damages and scratches.

Do you have an antique coffee desk in your home? Are you anxious that the sharp corners of your tables might damage your items? With our Extreme Performance Blankets 75-lb (6 Pack), these are professional movers industry-standards for those storage alternatives.

What’s More!

Our 75lbs moving blankets last through a lot of jobs. You also typically see them last for several seasons. However, it mainly depends on the particular use. If you are a solo mover, it’s not recommended for you to use. The good news on the other hand, apart from moving purposes, it’s also perfect for soundproofing your space, suitable for that band practice area.


Planning to stack your item in the storage isn’t an easy endeavor. So, it’s best to use a top-grade moving blanket and corrugated board to ease the process. These materials will protect your goods from any dents and scratches.

Are you now ready to purchase your Extra Performance Blankets? Shop at uBoxes today for high-quality moving blankets!

More Information
UPC 810106510118
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Black
Material Cotton/Poly Blend
Product Type Moving Blanket
Features / Highlights Professional moving blankets, 75# per Dozen, Moving and Storage, Quilted Blanket, Poly Cotton, 6.26lbs each, Quilted Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 20.000000
Product Length 72.000000
Product Width 80.000000
Product Height 0.100000
Additional Information: Use blankets as extra cushioning between furniture and boxes
Additional Information: Cover walls and floor for ease of movement without the resulting scratches and dents
Additional Information: Use to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on your belongings
Additional Information: Use while in storage to easily stack items without worrying about scrapes between items
Additional Information: Use while painting to protect floors and furniture from stray paint
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