Queen Mattress Cover -12 Pk

  • Plastic queen mattress covers FOR MOVING bulk pack for movers and moving labor companies
  • Each queen bag measures 61 x 15 x 90 inch, made out of polyethylene material 
  • Made of polyethylene 2 Mil thick for protecting mattresses for transport 
  • Bulk case of 12 vented queen mattress covers that prevent moisture buildup
  • Cheap plastic covers keep mattresses clean while transporting or storing

Tips on Moving Your Queen-Size Mattress: Helpful Tricks to Consider

We’ve all been there, moving our queen size bed is one of the most stressing things we need to experience when we are on the move. It’s because your bed is huge, bulky, awkwardly shaped and hence very inconvenient for moving around. Indeed a challenge! These beds are known to presents lots of difficulties to the mover. One of this reason is that these beds have a huge box spring.

In comparison, the majority of king-sized beds have smaller box springs under. Mostly, box springs are bulky and hard to move them. Meanwhile, newer queens feature a split box spring set however most older ones don’t.

In an ideal world, you’ve got a moving van or truck with a bunch of white glove movers to perform all the lifting, loading and unloading. However, in real life, it takes a lot of effort and time to complete the task.

You might even ask yourself if moving your queen size mattress is worth it. If leaving it is as simple as leaving it in your garage and just wait for people to notice it. Still, if you’ve invested in a new mattress, and you love it, it’s always worth the effort to bring it with you.


A Buddy to Help You

A good rule of thumb, moving the mattress all by yourself isn’t recommended. Remember, you need more than one individual to move such things., The massive size of the mattress and the awkward dimensions which make this a 2-person endeavor makes moving it difficult and complicated. You will just end up hurting yourself if you do so.


Scissor is a convenient tool which is often forgotten and overlooked. You must have two pairs with you because one of them is certain to go missing at some point. Further, you will also require scissors to cut the tape, and rope potentially some other stuff.


If you put the mattress in a mattress bag, you are going to need a tape so it that it keeps in place. Did you know that a tape gun with medium to quality packing tape, or perhaps a duct tape will do the trick? UBoxes suggests taping the ends vertically to seal the bag closed.

Poly Ropes or Ratchet Straps

Sets of these straps cost between $20 t $40, and you will be able to utilize them for different uses other than just moving a bed. They are perfect for transporting any cargo too.


Lastly, you can purchase a bulk mattress bag pack for moving at uBoxes. Our plastic bed covers are made to safeguard your queen size bed whenever you move it. Our mattress bags are made with a clear plastic, heavy duty bag which covers your bed to keep it clean and safe throughout transport!

So, if you are looking for the best and affordable quality mattress bag for moving, our QUEEN MATTRESS COVER – 12 PK is perfect for you. It has a dimension of 61 inches x 15 inches x 90 inches 2 mil thick poly bag for protecting your mattresses!

Plus, if you require long-term storage, this mattress bag will keep it critter-free and safe.  

More Information
UPC 810042159914
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Clear
Material polyethylene
Product Type Moving Supplies
Features / Highlights Furniture protector, Polyethylene material, 2 Mil thickness
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 30.000000
Product Length 90.000000
Product Width 61.000000
Product Height 15.000000
Additional Information: Wholesale bulk pack of 12 queen mattress covers for movers or storage facilities
Additional Information: Mattress covers for queen size bedding fits: 61" x 15" x 90" queen mattresses
Additional Information: Keep mattresses protected during moving or storage with mattress bags
Additional Information: Recyclable queen plastic mattress covers are 2 mil thick
Additional Information: We have a full line of plastic covers or bags in different quantity packs
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