Paper Moving Pads

Protect Furnishings with Furniture Paper Pads

Are you moving soon? Are you planning to pack up your kid’s bedroom to send them to the University? Perhaps you are sending a computer overseas? You see, there are many things you must know when it comes to dealing with and moving sensitive items. The good news is that paper moving pads are a good moving equipment solution.

What is Paper Moving Pads?

Also known as furniture paper pads is made from natural recycled materials. Its cover is completely recyclable and reusable, making them a green option to other moving covers and blankets. The furniture paper pad is made from three-layer protection measuring 60 x 72 inches. The layered paper offers protective cushioning.

How Does The Manufacturer Make Cheap Paper Pads?

In case you didn’t know yet, Typically furniture paper pads are made of three inner layers of brown kraft paper. You see, the three inner layers can include non-woven papers, tissue, lightweight kraft or maybe a newsprint.

These moving pads come in standard widths of 60 inches, 54 inches, 48 inches, and 42 inches and could be divided to virtually any length. Here at uBoxes, our furniture paper pads have a size of 60 inches x 72 inches and available in different sets, allowing you to choose the quantity according to your needs.

Where to Use?

Our paper moving pads are perfect for wrapping and protecting furniture which might keep moisture or be prone to rust. You see, if the moisture vaporizes in warm environments, it will contract when restricted in polyethylene. Furthermore, the water will stain the wood and will trigger mold.

While a moving blanket is airy it can retain moisture when compared to paper pads. Therefore, it is better to use Uboxes’ paper pads to use as a cushioning material to snuggle some of your delicate things. Having our high-quality and reasonable cheap paper pads are better than opting to move blankets when storing wooden furniture.

Do you want covers for long-term shipping and storage? Our cheap paper pads don’t need to be bulky, durable and everlasting like those moving blankets. After all, you need them to help you go throughout the process of moving. Our furniture moving pads are made to offer cover and safeguard your belongings from light scratches and dust, so it doesn’t get dusty or doesn’t fade for extended storage.

Buy Furniture Moving Pads from uBoxes Today!

Have we mentioned already that our paper pads are very cheap and lightweight? They will serve you well every time you plan to ship or move items or simply moving around your block. What’s more, they are 100% recyclable. After you are done using them, you can just put them into your recycling receptacle. It will not only save you some headaches in your move, but you also help save the ecosystem.