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MustGo Storage Tablets

  • Medium 18"x14"x12" box requires 10-16 tablets
  • Protect your valuables in storage for 12 months
  • Vapor does not stain, fade, bleach or corrode use in Boxes, Campers, RV's, Tents, Boats, Purses, Shoes, Boots and More...
  • 95 Tablets while remaining product is reusable

MustGo Vapor Tablets For Storage

Yearly, millions of people living in humid or coastal climates suffer costly unexpected damage to their personal property from dampness-related mildew and odor when properly stored in areas without adequate climate control.

Losses can be monetary and emotional when valuable heirlooms and sentimental items are damaged and destroyed when stored in poor environmental conditions.

Vapor Tablets work by slowly releasing an invisible dry vapor that distributes and fills the airspace within sealed storage enclosures.  The tablet vapor is filtered into contents being stored. The vapor protects valuables (stored in basements, garages, attics or outdoors in self-storage and other areas without effective climate control) from musty odors caused by mold, mildew, dampness, water damage, and humidity.

  • The tablets will reduce in size during use
  • Vapor does not stain, fade, bleach or corrode
  • No waste the remaining product is reusable
  • Sustained vapor release for 12 months
  • Vapor absorbed by materials quickly dissipates upon exposure to fresh air
  • Vapor inhibits corrosion

Protect Storage Boxes From Dampness

Storing goods in a storage unit, attic, or basement can sometimes get musty and damp. Before placing your goods drop some Vapor Tablets in the boxes to keep dampness and odors away. The tablets last 12+ months and good for households who have needs for storing holiday goods, seasonal items, or clothing. The process is quick and easy and avoids the possibility of opening up the boxes months later to find that dampness has ruined your items with mold and mildew. Great for Designer Purses, Shoes, and Luggage. 

Protect International Shipments From Musty Odors

When moving International the cargo area can become damp. The MustGo Vapor tabs are the perfect solution to keep your goods in great shape and avoid the odors. If your destination is miles away at sea you will have no worries with the use of the Vapor Tabs in boxed household goods. These tablets are effective and last long enough to get to your destination. Keeping your items dry on the water while moving international is essential for clothing, linens, and other fine material goods. Why risk getting moist boxes when you can avoid all this with the use of MustGo Vapor Tablets.

Keep Musty Odors Out of RV’s, Boats, and Antique Vehicles

Place tabs inside of recreational vehicles while in storage or not in use for long periods of time. No more smelly air when you re-enter your camper, boat or tent that has been hibernating during the winter months. That is unless you live in the South! These tablets keep your expensive goods void of smells, moisture, and mold. No more airing out after a long winter or storage when not in use.

More Information
UPC 788899041129
Brand uBoxes
Weight 0.4000
Country of Manufacture United States
Color White
Size 95-Tablets
Proactively protects valuables in storage from musty odors caused by mold, mildew, dampness, water damage and humidity.
Use tablets when storing dense materials such as clothing, linens, books, documents, etc.
A tightly packed medium 18x14x12 box requires 10-16 tablets, evenly distributed throughout the contents.
Use less tablets for less or fewer dense items such as kitchen utensils, small appliances, etc.
Tablets are suitable for use in enclosed spaces such as boxes, cabinets, drawers, safes, security vaults, garment bags, trunks, suitcases, shoes and purses. Great also for uses in vehicles, RVs and boats.
Package size 9.5 x 9.5 x 0.5