Handtruck 46" Steel with 8" Semi Pneumatic Wheels

  • 46" Steel Hand Truck with 8" Semi Pneumatic Wheels
  • Increase productivity and reduce injury with a steel hand truck
  • A loop hand is used to lift and pull boxes or merchandise
  • Easily maneuver stacks of boxes to and from the moving truck
  • Many uses around the home or office after the move saving you time and money

uBoxes Hand Truck – How Hand Trucks Could Make Your Life Stress-Free

Hand truck also called a two-wheeler or a carton dolly is an efficient tool in moving a large number of objects. Are you one of those people who continuously need to move big items or a lot of items simultaneously? Well, you need to know that it is a smart option to have a steel hand truck.

Did you know that businesses like big warehouses or printing press must have industrial hand truck to make the work much convenient and simpler? Factories and supermarkets often have hand trucks to allow their employee to move a great number of objects from one area to another area with comfort. It’s a device which invariably makes your life a lot easier.

Benefits of Using Hand Truck from uBoxes

Lifting Bulkier Objects is Hassle-Free

If you’re carrying big objects, going up the stairs isn’t just daunting but irritating as well. Nonetheless, if you employ a steel hand truck, you can lift bulk objects like books and boxes without thinking about the hassle of hiking the stairs.

It Saves Space

Steel hand truck also saves space. That’s because it doesn’t use too much space if you store it. You will find foldable carts which are more helpful in congested areas. Compared to pallets employed in factories and warehouses, these hand trucks could be stored almost anywhere without thinking about the space. Under the stairs or garages are locations where you can keep them. Therefore, you don’t need to limit your space at the office or home. When it’s foldable, it takes less space too.

Moving Heavier Loads is Simpler

The most apparent benefit of having a carton dolly is that it can bring bulky loads. Gone are the days where several people need to lift an object to transport it around. These days, all an individual has to work is line up the carton of the item on the truck and shove it forward to carry it around. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Every equipment utilized in moving or lifting objects can last longer or be more durable if you take proper care of it. Apart from that, the carton dolly is strong and durable and ready to perform heavy duty tasks. You see: industrial hand trucks are built strong to do the heavy lifting while protecting you from injuries. Proper use of the equipment will prolong the use and prevent injuries while getting the work done.

Locations like construction sites, supermarkets, or grocery stores must have a steel hand truck. Imagine how many times items are moved from one location to the other! 

Buy Hand Truck with uBoxes!

Our hand trucks here at uBoxes available in 46 inches with 8 inches semi-pneumatic wheels are very helpful for you. That’s because the frame is accumulated to allow maximum use. Because your carton dolly is very easy to move around and portable, there is no need to worry about transporting it around. 

More Information
UPC 810042155336
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Blue
Material Steel
Features / Information none
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 32.000000
Product Length 46.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 12.000000
Additional Information: Hand trucks are durable and long lasting when used properly
Additional Information: Hand trucks are economical compared to risk of injury and tiredness
Additional Information: Hand trucks are built to last making them a very economical tool in every industry
Additional Information: Semi-pneumatic wheels can easily move over semi rough terrain
Additional Information: Semi-pneumatic wheels have a thicker rubber without air pressure to go flat
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