Shorty Wardrobe Box (1 Pack) 20"x20"x34"

  • 20 X 20 X 34 IN MOVING BOXES
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How uBoxes Wardrobe Boxes Can Keep Your Items Organized Throughout a Move

Packing boxes and moving into a new place is a thrilling yet tiring process to go through. Depending on what sort of system is in place for moving, labeling and packing boxes, moving could be a bit anxious. When there’s more of trinkets and clothing to collect for a move, more storage space is required. uBoxes wardrobe boxes are crafty storage units which help keep your bedroom items and clothing in their place.

Have you ever experienced packing your books, clothes and essential items and not knowing which room they end up after you come to the new place? Frequently, the items included in the boxes are things which are required for your day-to-day functioning. An incorrectly organized move can substantially slow down your packing and unpacking procedure and leave your family members frustrated and drained.

Why Opt for uBoxes Wardrobe Boxes?

uBoxes wardrobe boxes are strong boxes utilized for moving which enable you to lessen to much wear and tear on your clothing. It will also keep all your stuff in place. The clothing could stay prepared and planned in a portable closet which enables them to hang spontaneously on the moving truck. The durable metal hanger bars intensely support good plastic and metal hangers which keep your clothes looking presentable and great.

What’s more, our closet moving boxes could save additional time in the packing stage, as it takes less time to hang clothing up instead of folding them. Closets are more likely to be more spacious than boxes with clothes which are packed on top of one another. That makes such kinds of packing units an excellent option for those who want a space to keep their bedroom stuff complete when they’re moving to a new home.

uBoxes wardrobe boxes are also the perfect way to keep your favorite clothes together after they come to your new place. Every storage unit could be labeled beforehand so every wardrobe box could go to the right area. Your family members could have their proper clothing storage area ready to unpack or to utilize as momentary closet they adjust.

Your bedroom space could be neatly packed and organized using uBoxes wardrobe boxes to make a flawless transition. Those boxes are portable and spacious to help ease your moving load. Your family could have one less thing to worry about throughout the packing and unpacking stage.

Is Wardrobe Boxes Ideal for You?

Are you relocating to a new home? Then you may need wardrobe boxes. Nevertheless, some people prefer to do otherwise and opt for whatever box they have. That’s ok if you are not in a hurry and have plenty of time on your hands. The thing with such standard cardboard boxes is that they may wrinkle your clothes and may need organizing again by group or color coordinated.

So, opting to uBoxes wardrobe boxes is always the best decision if time is of the essence when packing and unpacking. Shop and choose from the vast array of moving boxes and supplies!  

More Information
UPC 810042151727
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Specialty
Product Type Moving Box
Features / Highlights Heavy-Duty Wardrobe Boxes, 44ECT Construction, Carrying Handles, Metal Bar For Hanging Clothes, RSC Style Box With Easy Assembly, Pack Clothes From Closet To Wardrobe
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 5.000000
Product Length 20.000000
Product Width 20.000000
Product Height 34.000000
Additional Information: Whether you're moving between dorms or apartment, no need to fold any of your clothes
Additional Information: Up to 75 lbs capacity, will fit about half a closet
Additional Information: Shorty wardrobe boxes will fit pants and shirts without touching the bottom
Additional Information: Don't move to your new place with a wrinkled closet
Additional Information: There's no need to rewash your closet with secure wardrobe boxes
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