Storage Plastic Crates, 27" x 16.9" x 12.5" Green, Red, Blue, and Black

  • Storage and Packing Plastic Crates, with Attached Lid Available in Packs 1 to 5 with Tare Weight 8.2 lbs Each
  • Interior Dimensions: 23.5"x13.8"x10.9" enable the most efficient use of space as they're nestable
  • Exterior Dimensions are 27"x16.9"x12.5" constructed out of 100% recyclable HDPE plastic that resists impact
  • Enhanced 2.3 cu.ft. packing totes that can handle up to 100lbs per 2.0 cu.ft. requiring less moving labor
  • Stackable crates for storage and home use to maximize your space, and save money as their reusable
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Plastic Totes for Shipping and Storage

uBoxes Plastic Totes for Shipping and Storage are super sturdy containers ideal for many different packing, distribution, grocery and manufacturing applications. These rigid Plastic Totes are a long-lasting economical alternative to other Storage Boxes. There are endless applications for use of these Distribution Totes with Hinged Lids in industrial and shipping sectors as well as the everyday household uses:

Advantages of Attached-Lid Plastic Bins

  • Improve Workflow – The lightweight yet sturdy Distribution Totes with Lids are reusable and easy to use to allow a quicker packing and unpacking and have a positive effect on the flow of the products through different phases of packing and distribution

  • Reduce Packing and Shipping Costs – Use of the ordinary Cardboard Shipping Boxes or even the wooden boxes or crates can become very costly as the one-time use packing and shipping solution. The Attached-Lid Plastic Totes, on the other hand, are designed for unlimited uses resulting in a noticeable saving in the distribution costs.

  • More Product Protection – These heavy-duty Plastic Distribution Bins offer greater protection for products in transit and storage. Costly components and finished merchandise are securely protected from damages, reducing the cost of returned products and improving the customer service and the company’s image with consumers

  • Protection Against Pallets – While pallets are great in transporting the full loads of products from distribution to retailers there are container damages associated with pallets. The less rugged containers like Corrugated Shipping Boxes could be damaged by the splinters or screws found on the pallets or suffer scuffs and dents when pallets are on the move. All these risks could easily be eliminated by using the Heavy-Duty Plastic Storage Bins to simply reduce the damages and save money while improving the labor costs.

  • Improve Inventory Procedure – The precise measurement of the interiors of the Plastic Containers with Lids allows for standardization of the number of products fitting in each container. This will improve and streamlines the inventory procedure by simply counting the number of containers multiplied by the number of the products stored in them.

  • Improve Transportation Costs – The Reusable Plastic Totes are designed to perfectly stack on top of each other. The stackability of Plastic Bins increases the cube-efficiency when trucks are loaded to their full capacity which results in improving transportation costs.

  • Improve Warehouse and Storage Space – The ability to securely stack Reusable Plastic Totes and the standard size of the totes will maximize the warehouse and storage space while improving the performance of the material handling process.

  • Improve Production Speed – Manufacturers could increase production speed by using the Reusable Plastic Totes while eliminating the need for cutting and disposing of the Corrugated Shipping Boxes

  • Improve Workplace Safety – The ergonomic design of the Attached-Lids Plastic Containers along with their great stackability function have been instrumental in reducing workplace injuries in many businesses and manufacturing industries. The other injuries caused by the use of the box cutters and collapsing cardboard boxes also are eliminated when replaced with these Plastic Distribution Totes.

More Information
UPC 810042152274
Weight 7.750000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Size 27"x16.9"x12.5"
Material Plastic
Style Rectangle
Type Bulk Cargo Box
Features / Extra Information Storage or moving crates, Sturdy plastic, Reusable, Choose Blue, Red, Green, Black Color totes, Stackable, Hand-grip
Country of Manufacture United States
Stackable plastic crates that are ideal for multiple purposes in your home, office and warehouse
Allows you to store different types of objects like clothing, cleaning products, liquids, food, and much more
Use it to maximize space in your garage and other rooms since it can be stacked easily on your floor
Durable Plastic crates that can be cleaned easily for you to reuse them over and over again
An excellent solution for you to transport your valuable objects from one place to another safely
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