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  1. uBoxes Ranked Top Growth Performer In Office Supplies

    uBoxes Ranked Top Growth Performer In Office Supplies
    UBoxes has been recognized as one of the top growth companies year over previous year in 2019 by The NDP Group. uBoxes quality products, great prices along with bulk pricing have assisted small and large companies to stay competitive while improving their bottom line growth. uBoxes has made shopping for packing and shipping supplies simple and transparent through their free shipping on $35.00 or more with no surprises when consumers reach the checkout. In today’s competitive online business culture lowering the shipping costs through uBoxes/StarBoxes products has been helping many small and large businesses to stay competitive. From many moving companies to DIY movers uBoxes is the one-stop-shopping destination for all packing and moving supplies while StarBoxes caters to the B2B Business sector offering packing and shipping supplies.
  2. Why Buy Moving Kits?

    Why Buy Moving Kits?
    Buying a moving kit in the early stages of moving can be a cost saver. Saving money, gas,time, and last minute guesswork on moving supplies is worth the while to plan your move early. Whether selling your home and staging it for buyers or packing away all unused items in advance, packing early will make your move more enjoyable. This will leave you time to tend to the last minute details such as arranging for the utilities in your new destination as well as finding doctors, closest hospitals, schools, and shopping. Pack one box a day or plan a weekend to start packing. The more you pack now the less to worry about when moving day arrives.
  3. Packing Furniture for Moving and Storage

    Packing Furniture for Moving and Storage
    Pack furniture like a pro. The use of moving blankets may be used on many larger objects and secured with packing tape. The furniture blankets are flexible, large, and may be kept in place with stretch wrap or packing tapes. This prevents furniture from getting sweat, dirt, scratches, or dents while moving. When proper packing methods are implemented mirrors, large glass, graphic signs, and artwork can be transported with protection. Moving pads can be overlapped and taped securely to keep the pads in place so the item remains protected during the transportation to the final destination. Whether moving local, long distance, or overseas these blankets for packing are one of the best moving tools available for large sized items.
  4. Tips In Packing Household Items

    Tips In Packing Household Items
    When relocating your home packing tips can be essential to your moving success. There are many packing tips available including professional advice on how to move state-to-state or international. It is noteworthy to read some moving tips if you are doing a DIY move. You can move like professional movers by having the right tools and equipment. Other moving information is helpful for reminders on all the things one must do to move.
  5. How Many Boxes To Move A Two Bedroom Apartment?

    How Many Boxes To Move A Two Bedroom Apartment?
    Moving an apartment is easy when choosing the right moving box sizes and kit. uBoxes has a variety of moving kit combinations to choose from depending on your moving conditions. Consider the number of people moving along with the contents of your apartment. Are you a collector or a minimalist in your surroundings. Perhaps you may want to have a garage sale before you move? Remember if you no longer want an item why pay to move it?
  6. How to Choose Moving Boxes

    How to Choose Moving Boxes
    Moving is simple when you know the right size boxes and packing materials to move different items in the household. Choosing a uBoxes moving kit makes moving a breeze with several different size boxes to pack your household items. There is a full selection of specialty moving boxes including tv moving boxes, kitchen boxes, mattress boxes, and lamp boxes. If the item is larger than a moving box uBoxes also carries a full line of moving blankets for added protection.
  7. Picture and Mirror Moving Boxes

    Picture and Mirror Moving Boxes
    Buy picture and mirror boxes to move artwork and home decor. Remember to measure your artwork before ordering boxes and packing supplies. The artwork boxes come in different sizes and packages. Proper packing of delicate items will ensure your fragile items arrive safely. Expensive artwork should not be put into the wrong size boxes without securing the void areas with packing material.
  8. Buy Kitchen Packing Boxes

    Buy Kitchen Packing Boxes
    Packing the kitchen is easy when you have the right kitchen packing accessories. uBoxes carries a full line of kitchen boxes and kits. Foam inserts and dividers protect dishes from breaking while moving or in storage. Choose from small boxes, glass dividers, and kitchen moving kits that include boxes and packing materials.
  9. Affordable Mattress Covers For Moving

    Affordable Mattress Covers For Moving
    Save on mattress bags at uBoxes Spring plastic mattress cover sale. Buy one and get one free (BOGO) for King, Queen, Full, or Twin mattresses. Cheap plastic mattress covers keep your bedding clean while moving or storing your mattresses.
  10. Color-Coded Carton Sealing Tape To Organize Moving

    Color-Coded Carton Sealing Tape To Organize Moving
    Organize your move with SmartMove room tape. Choose from 1-4 bedroom tape moving kit to color coordinate your boxes with the names of the rooms on the brightly colored tape. Whether unpacking yourself or hiring moving labor the room destination will be clear on the boxes. Having a room chart to provide all helpers will aide in the unloading of the truck and keep each room organized to start unpacking while saving time to start enjoying your new home, office, or apartment.

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