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stretch wrap

Stretch wrap has many uses for moving and shipping items. Boxes can be stacked on a pallet and wrapped tightly with stretch wrap to keep them from moving or you can stretch wrap your luggage prior to a flight to keep the luggage secure and fewer damages to the suitcases. Stretch wrap may also be used to protect the sofa and chairs from dust and dirt. Beauty spa's also use stretch film to wrap the body after herbal beauty treatments. Stretch wrap comes in two sizes with the smaller size having a handle for easy applications.

  1. How To Pack Furniture For Moving

    How To Pack Furniture For Moving
    How to Pack Furniture for Moving One of the challenging items in the house to pack is your furniture items. But make sure that, as the scheduled moving date gets close, you are already done packing your furniture. Below is the list of steps you can consider how to pack furniture effectively. TAKE AN INVENTORY The first thing you need...
  2. Make Your Relocation Task Superb with Uboxes Stretch Wrap

    Make Your Relocation Task Superb with Uboxes Stretch Wrap
    Stretch wrapping is a means of joining loads and items together in order to help maximize space while moving. A lot of people might prefer some other bonding options, but the following reasons will definitely convince you that the uBoxes stretch wrap is the right choice for you since Uboxes is the best place to buy moving boxes and all other...

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