extra-large boxes

Extra Large Boxes are for lighter weight items such as comforters, pillows, sheets, towels and linens. Kids toys, sporting equipment and winter clothing that are not too heavy can also be grouped together in box. Just remember to tape the boxes several times on the bottom and do not over fill extra large boxes. Remember to label your boxes so everything is easy to find or organize by room in your new house. Always carry boxes from the bottom and stack boxes according to size in order to save room in the moving van or container.

  1. Tips for Making Use of Extra Large Moving Boxes

    Tips for Making Use of Extra Large Moving Boxes
    When you're preparing to move out of your house into another, one of the things that you obviously have to worry about is how to get your belongings transferred to your new place with minimal hassle. A common solution to this is the use of moving boxes. When you're packing up your belongings into moving boxes, it is imperative that...

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