Medium Moving Boxes

Medium moving boxes are best used for small kitchen appliances such as your toaster, blender or food processor. The medium box is also good for toys and electronics such as playstation or X-Box. The boxes are generally in the range of 3.0 cubic feet and with a 32 ECT stamp on the bottom. If you are packing delicate items use packing materials such as bubble, newsprint, or peanuts to cushion the items. You may also pack clothing or towels around the objects for safe moving.

  1. Medium Boxes for Your Moving Needs

    Medium Boxes for Your Moving Needs
    Moving is a stressful situation in your life. With that, you need the assistance of a professional moving company to have an easy and fast moving process. Well, your moving will not be complete without the help of moving boxes. The medium moving boxes are essential for you to move your thing safely and easy. To further convince you, the...
  2. Six Facts about Medium Size Moving Boxes

    Six Facts about Medium Size Moving Boxes
    When comparing boxes for moving and shipping they are similar in quality and weight. However, because they are made specifically to pack items up for a move, some may come with extra features to make it easier to store specific items and to lift the box when all the packing is done. Some moving boxes are also made with extra thick...

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