Nylon Rope 50ft (White)

  • Nylon / Poly Tie Down Rope 50 feet x 1/4" Thick (White Fiber)
  • Sturdy tool for movers to anchor or tie larger objects in place
  • Secure goods in the truck or container anchoring to the walls or side rails
  • Easy to store in a tool kit when folded up and secured from unraveling
  • Long lasting material and may be reused for various projects

Nylon Rope Cushion NYLONROPE050 50FT (White)

Nylon is considered as the strongest of all ropes. It is used to absorb shock loads like towing and lifting because of its ability to handle extreme force and returning to its original length after being stretched. Nylon can last for many times longer than natural fibers and has excellent abrasion resistance. It’s also resistant to oil and chemicals. Nylon can resist deterioration from sunlight caused by ultraviolet rays. This nylon rope cushion NYLONROPE050 50FT (White) is ideal to use with moving blankets for moving as well as securing loads in moving containers or rental trucks.

Nylon Rope Cushion Features and Benefits

  • Strength

uBoxes white 50ft nylon rope cushion is an excellent option if you’re in need for a high strength rope. Nylon is considered as the strongest of rope fibers and significantly stronger than polyethylene, polypropylene, and organic fibers as well as betting out polyester in a narrow margin.

  • Elastic and Shock Absorption

Nylon rope features a high stretch factor which provides a high level of elasticity which can come in handy for specific applications. This nylon rope can stretch up to 28% at break. This means that it can double as much as the stretch of the polyester fiber. Nylon rope is not only good for shock absorption but also features dynamic load applications due to its elasticity. This is a perfect option for towing and mooring applications as well as anchoring activities.

  • Abrasion Resistance

 Another great feature of nylon rope is its abrasion resistance. Also, it’s resistance to mildew, rot, UV rays, and chemical exposure. This means that it can last longer than traditional rope fibers. It can maintain its integrity resulting to longer usage life.

  • Twisted or Braided Nylon Rope

Nylon rope is available either twisted or braided and having both options makes this rope versatile. For stronger options, use braided nylon ropes. Its tight lock-stitched constructions can provide firm and steady rope. For more balance rope, choose twisted ropes. This rope will not kink and hand straight.

Nylon Ropes Common Uses

Nylon ropes are commonly used in pulley systems due to its high abrasion resistance and shock absorptions. Its shock absorption feature makes it a better choice for towing and lifting jobs wherein the rope needs to absorb a heavy load. In addition, it is increasingly becoming popular in moving as a great alternative to ratchet straps.


Clearly, the feature and benefits of nylon ropes are vast since it can be used in various applications. Everyone’s project may be different, but uBoxes nylon ropes remain an essential staple in vast uses. Here at uBoxes, you can find the best quality nylon ropes in 50' lengths and colors. You can view all the products online here. With many years of experience, uBoxes is the expert not just on nylon ropes but virtually all moving supplies. 

More Information
UPC 810042151697
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color White
Material Nylon
Product Type Moving Supplies
Features / Highlights none
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 0.250000
Product Length 50.000000
Product Width 0.250000
Product Height 0.250000
Additional Information: Nylon rope has many uses while moving including truck tie down and securing blankets on furniture
Additional Information: Rope may be used to secure trunk when objects are too large
Additional Information: Moving boxes may be secured together with rope to keep from toppling over
Additional Information: Tie down a tarp to keep items dry while moving
Additional Information: Rope is a must in your household tool kit
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