Padlock 1-1/2" (2 Pack Short Shank

  • Moving 1-1/2" Heavy laminated chrome plates for secure lock system
  • Hardened chromed-steel shackle with double locking heel and toe to keep your items safe
  • Durable 5-pin solid brass cylinder 40 MM for long-lasting use
  • Great lock for storage or moving containers to protect your goods 
  • Secure your items with the proper moving locks to avoid loses of merchandise

Buying Moving Padlock from uBoxes for Your Next Move

How do you choose a moving padlock? This sounds simple. Visit your favorite and nearest big box shop, go to their moving padlock section, select your lock and pay for it. However, how precisely did you select your lock? Was it the packaging? Did you go for a BOGO? Or perhaps you choose because the packaging said “Robust Unyielding Padlock.” No matter what your decision-making procedure, its utilized based on padlock convenience and display. That is the wrong way to choose any kind of lock.

Buying a New Moving Padlock from uBoxes

The very first thing you need to consider when buying a new padlock for your next move is the construction of the lock. What material is the specific padlock is made out of? Is it hardened steel, aluminum, brass or steel? The material which the padlock is made out of adds to its security.

Meanwhile, the size of the moving padlock also connects to its physical security. For example, a laminated padlock; this kind of padlock offer generous physical security. They achieve this through layering one steel plate on top of the other. That method offers for the majority of different sizes.

The kind of lock cylinder which is utilized also connects to cost and security. It’s vital to bear in mind that the kind of lock cylinder and the key is one of the crucial components. For instance, you wouldn’t prefer to have the most substantially secure lock featuring a lock cylinder which does not provide key control.

You also need to remember that key control is the most vital security item of any moving padlock. Further, the padlock shackle is what earns the greatest physical attacks. Therefore, the material, diameter, and length utilized are essential. You will find padlocks designed which don’t have visible shackles.

Hence, if you are one of those people selecting a moving padlock for your next move, the very first question you need to ask yourself is what are you planning to secure or protect. Geared with this information, you must pick the best moving padlock which you can avail.

Padlock 1-1/2 Inches from uBoxes

Our Moving Padlock 1-1/2 inches is made of heavy laminated chrome plates. You see, our padlocks have hardened chromed-steel shackle along with double locking toe and heel. You can rest assured that this padlock is made from durable and robust materials to keep your items and belongings safe and secure throughout your move.

uBoxes understand that moving is a very tiring and stressing process on your part. So, to lessen your stress, you can purchase our moving padlocks knowing your items are always protected.  If you need other items like cardboard boxes, packaging boxes and shoe bags, we also have it here. With these moving essentials, it will guide you to purchase proper products for moving. It’s rather an enjoyable endeavor to move when you’re well geared with the necessary items of storing your stuff. Hence, you are more prepared employing those essentials.

You can get all moving products to fit your needs on our website, ranging from storage boxes and a cardboard box to tapes, stretch wrap, bubble roll and a lot more! 

More Information
UPC 810042150683
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Gray
Material Steel
Features / Information none
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 0.800000
Product Length 2.000000
Product Width 2.000000
Product Height 1.000000
Additional Information: Padlocks have many uses and are durable for more than one use
Additional Information: Keep a multi-purpose padlock handy in your household tool kit
Additional Information: Locks have a weather resistant finish and hard to pick or pry open
Additional Information: Useful to secure sheds, bikes, cabinets and other household items
Additional Information: High security lock for travel, landscape, horse, and moving trailers
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