Disclock Round 70mm

  • High security laser-welded stainless steel Disklock Round
  • 70mm round padlock for container moves
  • Heavy-duty container lock for moving and storage
  • Hardened steel with a hidden shackle for extra security
  • Features a secure 5 pin mushroom tumbler

  • Buy 4 for $10.95 each and save 12%
  • Buy 8 for $9.25 each and save 26%

Why Use Moving Container Lock when Transporting to a New Place

So you’ve decided to move to another place this coming month. Before moving the belongings and furniture of your family into your storage unit, there’s one thing you need to take into consideration: buying a moving container lock so your treasures will be safeguarded from potential vandalism, theft, or break-ins.

You will find a lot of various locks for you to choose from, and every padlock will fall under 1 or 2 categories: either a combination lock or a padlock. So, before you pick the lock which will work perfect for you, you’ll need to ask yourself several questions first.

  • How important are the belongings in storage?

Probabilities are that because you’ve decided to rent a moving container unit to store your valuables, they have worth. Whether the item is the baby photos of your kid or a vintage wardrobe from your grandmother, you will love to keep your belongings safeguarded. So, make sure that you buy a tamper-resistant and durable disklock round.

  • What will be the disklock round be attached to?

Before you attach your lock, you need to assess the clasp on the door to your moving container unit which the moving lock will be attached to. You need to assure that the clasp is fixed tightly in place and free from any gaps and defects, where your padlock could slide off the clasp. That will, later on, make your door prone to intrusion.

You need to keep in mind that any fault in the clasp will require to be stated to the facility operations for fast repair. If you identified that the clasp is in great shape, you'd wish to connect your preferred disklock lock.

  • Will the moving container lock be utilized outdoors or indoors?

Ask yourself with this question, is your moving container unit positioned inside an indoor facility? Or is your division access from outdoors. In that case, the moving container lock will be visible to the outdoors and exposed to the environmental elements like extreme heat, freezing cold temperatures, as well as rain.

You see, those environmental elements can corrode your lock, and harsh temperatures can cause the metal to contract and expand. Having a lock made from brass or stainless steel will tolerate erosion from any environmental elements. Nonetheless, moving container lock which is made from brass provide the greatest security from corrosion. If you compared it to stainless steel or alloyed steel, using a brass lock is much resistant to being cut through metal cutters.

Uboxes suggest that you opt for our DISKLOCK ROUND 70MM as it offers extreme security. It features a laser-welded stainless steel disklock round. You can rest assured that our lock is tamper resistant and durable.

A lock will typically range in price from $2 to $20. For a low price, you will receive a moving container lock which is heavy duty for all your moving and storage. Uboxes’ padlocks are made of hardened steel along with a hidden shackle and boast a secure five pin mushroom tumbler. 

More Information
UPC 810106516745
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Silver
Material Steel
Style Disk Lock
Type Disk Lock
Features / Information none
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 0.600000
Product Length 5.000000
Product Width 1.000000
Product Height 5.000000
Additional Information: Disklock is flat for shipping containters, rental trucks, or moving containers
Additional Information: The lock is secure and does not protrude causing issues with storage requirements
Additional Information: Strong and secure 5 pin keeps your items safe while transporting your goods
Additional Information: Keep this tool on hand in your toolbox you never know when you may need a lock
Additional Information: May use on gym lockers and other recreational facility storage lockers
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