½ Trailer Shipment Starter Kit 12 Textile Blankets, 1 Lock, and 2 Straps

  • The container moving supplies pack includes 12 Textile Moving Blankets to wrap heavy furniture and appliances
  • Secure the container with a lock to close and seal the door from intruders while moving or transporting (1 Lock)
  • The kit includes 2 Container Straps to secure heavy loads to the siderails of the containers preventing damages
  • Container style moves require the proper equipment and packing materials to keep goods safe from movement
  • Consider a UBMOVE container moving box kit to optimize the container space by stacking the same size boxes while packing


More Information
UPC 810042150621
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Multicolor
Features / Information none
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 12.000000
Additional Information: UBMOVE kit to start your small moving business suitable for cargo or to cover large items such as furniture or appliances.
Additional Information: This trailer kit includes moving blankets suitable for covering large appliances such as furniture, pianos, and keeping them protected from damage or blows during the move.
Additional Information: UBMOVE trailer kit has a strap suitable for you to tie up large furniture and keep it stable during the move and prevent it from moving a lot or falling.
Additional Information: You can have your own kit for your UBMOVE removals that includes 12 Textile Moving Blankets, 1 lock and 2 container straps.
Additional Information: The padlock works as insurance for your transporter car and thus prevents the doors from opening or some type of accident from happening when transporting large or heavy items.
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