Deluxe Blankets 65lbs/doz (12 Pack)

Qty: Set of 12
Size: 72"" x 80"
Color: Blue/Light Blue Non Woven
Blanket Weight: 5.42 LBS
Dozen Weight: 65 LBS

Deluxe moving blanket. Great blanket for movers and multiple uses.

*Color may vary contact us for details


Moving Antiques With Deluxe Moving Blankets

You never thought your little fun-house mirror shop would turn into the region’s most sought after carnival supplier. Collecting these old mirrors started purely as a hobby…got a little out of hand, and before you knew it, you were renting a warehouse for storage. Your wife hasn’t been so excited each month after paying the storage bill, and management frowns upon you bringing buyers through every day. It’s time to move shop. You found a great little place in the heart of downtown, with the perfect look and feel for a vintage carnival store. Moving mirrors is a delicate process, especially when it comes to these specialized antique pieces. A friend, who just moved, showed you where you could find deluxe moving blankets and packing blankets at for great prices!

You were very pleased to see that buying moving blankets or quilted moving pads in bulk would save you lots of pennies while keeping the glass safe in the move. You purchased two 12-packs (blankets and beers!) and hit the warehouse to start filling the truck. Each mirror was layered in thick, woven blankets and stacked snug, top of one another. You made it downtown without a shatter or scratch. After nestling into your new store-owner routine, you hit the auctions again to stock up your supply; the moving blankets were perfect for carrying back your new treasures, and then draping over to keep off the dust. After so many years, you finally have a real excuse to “clown-around!”

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