4 Wheel Dolly Carpeted with 3" Deluxe Gray Casters

  • 4 Wheel Dolly Carpeted 18" x 30" with 3" Deluxe Gray Casters or easy maneuvering
  • Heavy-duty 900lb carrying capacity to move most standard Office items
  • Carpeted ends dolly to protect furniture and larger size objects
  • Designed for professional movers to move items with ease and prevent back injuries
  • Keep in the Office to move heavy furniture and equipment from place to place

How to Purchase High-Quality 4-Wheel Dollies

Did you know that, for less than $100, you can keep 4-wheel dollies on hand to make your moving furniture, appliances, power tools, exercise equipment and big boxes less cumbersome? Yes, you read that right! They make moving such things simpler on your walls, your floors, and the object being transported. They also avoid you from sliding, pushing or lifting heavy items. Apart from that, you can utilize them to hold objects you need to move around once in a while. An example of this is that you can store your workbench or snowmobile on our 4-wheel dollies so that such more significant objects can be transported around your garage if needed.

Moving Items Was Is Easier Than Ever

4-wheel dollies are a type of moving dolly which does not take up more space when it comes to storage compared to other alternatives. The low-profile design of our wheel dollies enables them to be slid underneath something else for more straightforward storage. You can also lean them beside the wall or tip them on their side or other solid surfaces. You might believe that all-wheel dollies are made equal. However, they are not, actually. When buying for 4-wheel dollies of your own, make sure that you look for such options:

  • Wheels that swivel

  • A weight capacity which can hold whatever you are considering to move

  • Non-marking wheels which do not leave lines or streaks on the floors

  • Four inches of heavy duty casters which roll effortlessly

Bear in mind that wheel dollies are accessible with rubber caps. That guarantees that no matter what you put on, the dolly grips to it to avoid it from sliding off. Here at uBoxes, our 4-wheel dollies varieties are covered with carpet to safeguard the objects you place on it.

Planning to Move?

If you are planning to move, it’s highly suggested to invest in our wheel dollies. Lifting straps aren’t made for single person move. Take note that those straps only work if two individuals are using them together. Although you might not plan to move for a long time, you’ll find many uses of our 4-wheel dollies. Apart from an excellent moving tool, wheel dollies are often utilized for vehicle repair work. Another method for a dolly is to move bulky household items such as trash bins to and from the end of the driveway. You can rest assured that you’ll find another use for your moving dolly. If you don’t, it will always be valued if you load them to a pal who’s moving or requires to transport something big.

Equipped with carpet and three inches deluxe gray casters, and a 900-lbs capacity, our 4-wheel dollies are made from high-quality materials. Available for a low price, you can get a moving dolly shipped to your home without paying for the delivery! Isn’t that great?

If you are seeking to buy a heavy wheel dolly for landscaping, construction, or moving use, then you just discover the ideal place to purchase a professional dolly from uBoxes!  

More Information
UPC 810106516646
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Wood
Product Type Moving Equipment
Features / Highlights none
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 18.000000
Product Length 12.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 12.000000
Additional Information: A carpeted dolly 18" x 30" should be kept on hand at the office and for home use
Additional Information: Save time and your back for moving heavy furniture, office equipment, and appliances
Additional Information: Dollies protect floors from damages and are easy to maneuver over carpeting, wood, or tile.
Additional Information: The wood frame and wheels are sturdy and reliable
Additional Information: Easy to store in an office closet, garage, or utility room
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