Glass Pack Cell Divider Kit

  • Glass Savor Pack Provides excellent protection during moving and storage
  • Cell divider separates into compartments to isolate and protect glassware
  • Kit will pack 12-24 glasses. 
  • Kit contains: 12 Reusable Foam Pouches &amp 
  • 1 cell-divider unit. No box included fits into a 1.5 Cubic ft. Book Box. Small Premium Box
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Glass Pack Moving Kit

Your husband has long dreamt of opening his own pizza parlor, using his secret family recipe. His pies have been called, “better than the pizza in Italy.” But, a winning recipe is only half the battle. Now that you are finally ready to take the leap and open for business, you know you will need a safe way to transport all of the glassware and other kitchen utensils that he preemptively ordered to your front doorstep months ago. This is no easy task. Everything will have to make it all the way downtown, almost thirty minutes away, in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and over a maze potholes. Look no further because our Glass Dividers Kit is exactly what you need! This cardboard divider kit provides you with the protection to keep your glassware and other breakables safe from banging together, even in the most dangerous traffic! Cardboard box dividers fit perfectly into a 1.5 cubic foot moving box, plus, they come with 12 reusable foam pouches to add extra protection for your fragile items! Go the extra mile and pack your glasses in our high quality packing boxes, with our glass dividers, bubble wrap, packing paper, and other affordable moving products. You can be sure that when you are unpacking your moving boxes, you won’t find any broken glass!

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